Twinkling Lights...okay I admit it. I love everything about the holidays...the smell of church incense, pine tree needles, gaudy wrapping paper, carols, extra pies.. the list could go on. Even in the years without presents or money, this time has always been magical to me.
I do deeply miss the loved ones that have passed on, but I know that their spirit is near though they were in the next room. I cherish their peace, protection and direction in my life.
May your matter what your religious filled with wonderful "bits and bobs" as my Scottish friends would say.
December 6th  private party Cambridge, Ohio
December 7th  private party, Cambridge, Ohio
December 14th  private party, Duncan Falls, Ohio
January 10th.. medium circle in a wonderful old 1800's house..and haunted! Group will be limited to 12
January 17 th  Comfort Inn, Zanesville, Ohio
January 18th  Comfort Inn, Zanesville, Ohio
hours by appointment  
January 24th  Best Western, Hebron, Ohio
January 25th  Best Western, Hebron, Ohio
hours by appointment
January 22nd  I will be the featured speaker at the Professional Women's Rountable for the Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce. Topic will be "What your Thumb Reveals"
Luncheon and speech will be held at DaVinci's in Williamstown,WV
January 26th Expo for Guidance, Hocking Hills
 I so appreciate every one of you. My 2013 has flown by and I am inspired and excited about the possibilities of 2014.
Please consider giving in some way...tithe, pay for the coffee of the person in line behind you,a toy to a child in need, soup to a neighbor and if nothing else...a smile to warm the heart of a stranger or friend.
Ellen Bone
The Intuitive Edge
Retreat Idea
What would you think about a day retreat? We would like to plan some in 2014 that would be a day with full access to a psychic/medium (me) to share your gifts and explore mine.
We have some beautiful places in mind and the day would include snacks , lunch and my requirement...unlimited coffee :)
Send me your thoughts

I would like to phase out using a credit card terminal in my office, so I encourage you to use PayPal. It is safer and you can use your credit/debit cards .

I do have Skype. If you'd like your phone reading to be via Skype, please let me know.I can also look at your hands this way for some palmistry. 

Gift Certificates
   Don't forget this month you can still purchase an hour reading for $100.oo. That's a savings of $20!
I'll send a beautiful gift certificate ready for you to give someone.