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Good Morning!
I actually began this newsletter on a dark and stormy night in October. Halloween was so windy and rainy here in Ohio that I expected a small trick or treater to be pasted to the window at any time!  I put my newsletter on hold and ,with the flair of a true procrastinator, am just now resuming.
October,despite being one of my favorites,seemed to be a tough month for many people. I am reminded of a card that depicts two monks and one is choking the other. The caption reads "Having a very unspiritual moment". LOL That was October.
This month of November is one of special thanks to not only our veterans, but also a celebration of our families....personal and business. I am looking forward to a different pace with an easier step into gratitude.
I sincerely wish all of you a table full of food and someone to share it with.
Happy Thanksgiving.
What's a Psychic to Do?
What happens when a psychic needs help or inspiration? We all admit that it is really hard to read for ourselves. Here are some of the things I do.
1. I write down my worries or questions and journal about them. Often a resolution will appear.
2.I consult with an astrologer to get a better picture of timing. Sometimes just knowing when change is going to probably occur is a comfort.
3.I love all kinds of mental tricks and techniques. One I just recently learned is to hold the object or written question to your solar plexus. Close your eyes and raise up on your tiptoes..breath in..and on exhale lower your feet to the floor and open your eyes. If your body is leaning towards the written question it is a "yes" if away a "no". It is a sort of muscle reading.
Have any techniques you use? Please share and I'll put them in the next newsletter.
My November and December schedule is on my website, . The last big event of the year is the Victory of Light in Cincinnati, so hope to see many of you there.

Ellen Bone
The Intuitive Edge
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Save $20
I have a special offer for November and December for your gift giving occasion  I am offering gift certificates for an hour reading for only $100.00. That is a $20 savings. I usually do 15 minute or 30 minute readings and you can still purchase a gift certificate for those times, but the hour reading will allow more in depth time for those especially interested in medium work. I will send the certificate to you in an envelope especially for your occasion.
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