Hello everyone!
  September is always a whirlwind month for me. Several family birthdays to include my mother who will be 86, my daughter and my 42nd wedding anniversary! Whew!
I love the cooler nights and warm days. One of my favorite things is the wonderful apples that are available everywhere this time of year.I am especially fond of green ones.
I had a busy August and even read two books that will help me make communication with the Other Side even better. I have loved doing the medium work and hope to continue in expanded ways in the coming year.
I miss all my friends in the medical field, but love the freedom of doing the metaphysical work that I so love. I still haven't established much rhythm to my day...but you didn't expect a Pisces to have structure did you? LOL
Blessings to you all,
    This month has among other things, Suicide Prevention Week. I have not experienced this tragic event in my own life but I have certainly been involved with the subject in many client's lives over the years. I don't have the words to articulate the pain that suicide leaves in the hearts of families and I am overwhelmed by how this decision seems to be the only one left for the person who commits suicide.
I don't think there is a one of us who haven't at least contemplated that idea once in our lives. It can be perceived as an act of cowardice or supreme courage...I can't judge.
  What I want to say to all of you is that my communication with those who have died from suicide often have a common message. First, there is no punishment...we do have free will...but there is expressed a disappointment that the lessons that were to be learned were abruptly abandoned.
This means the soul's purpose is often times short changed and the need to come back to this life to try again is pretty strong.
When someone exhibits the desire to end their life we owe it to them to help them reverse that decision in any way we can. Reach out to those in confusion or pain.
We no longer bury suicide vitcims in the crossroads and forbid them a place in the cemetary,but they do ask your understanding and forgiveness so they can continue their journey and return again to try again.
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The first week of September is our local county fair. Would you believe our schools ,and some businesses,actually close this week for the pleasure of fair food and various events and animal showing.

 September 3rd interview on


September 14 Parkersburg, West Virginia

Comfort Inn 3pm-9pm

hours by appointment only

September 15 Parkersburg, WV



September 20 Marietta, Ohio

Comfort Inn 3pm-9pm

September 21st  9am-11:30am

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September 22nd The Inn ast Cedar Falls


Autumnal Expo for to the public

I will be doing a lecture at 11am that day "What Your Thumb Reveals"


I had an interesting question lately. The question was: "
If I have you do a party at my house and you do medium work, is my house full of spirits when you leave?"
I don't consider any question silly and I learn a lot from questions so here is my response:
I can't speak for other mediums, but after connection is made with someone on the Other Side I listen to them and give their message to you for as long as I can or as long as they wish to speak and then the connection fades and I do a personal silent clearing. If there were already  spirits or ghosts in your'll still have them unless you want me to move them.
More and more people are aware of some other world co-existing with ours. It really is a fascinating time to live. I think our role is to make this lifetime so wonderful and interesting  that this will be , in the future, the lifetime we will want to regress to visit.
Ellen Bone
The Intuitive Edge