The Intuitive Edge Mother's Day Savings!
Happy May morning!! It is a beautiful and very sunny day here in southeastern Ohio. The little frogs singing in our pond all night have been in stiff competition for all the happy singing birds busy building nests. My mother used to save all her yarns scraps and bits of sewing thread and toss them out in the spring for the birds to use in their nests. Good Grief! Talk about some gaudy, but colorful nests!
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Writing it was a test of my waterproof mascara. I do hope you'll take time to share your thoughts or stories.
I am traveling quite a bit in the next few months and will keep you posted.
I am blessed to be spending Mother's Day with my Mom . Her blindness prevents her from seeing flowers, but Lilacs are easy and glorious to smell and I intend to deliver her a bouquet.
Travel in May and June

May 4th & 5th..Journey Expo and Living Green Expo
Northand Performing Arts Center, Columbus, Ohio
I'll be in booth # 306
private parties on May 10th and May 18th
June 1st....private party
June 9th.. Zodiac in Gahanna  12-5pm
call store for appointment 614-470-6990 
June. 22..Sage Sisters  in Grandview 12-5pm
June 29th..Knoxville, Tennessee...private party.
I hired a business coach, Amy Adams,PhD She starts on May 6th and I am excited about the prospects of getting my business more polished and organized. She is coming on board for six months to help me achieve professional goals and to help me create time to work on that box of notes for a book. I hope that she can work with my wonderful assistant/manager, Jessica Harris. Both women seem to be powerful,head strong and detail driven...alas..LOL
I think you'll see changes in my newsletter and content in June. Dr. Adams is not into Facebook, Jessica if you are so inclined you can join me on my business facebook page
or just search The Intuitive Edge on Facebook. I or Jessica make some sort of comment about what I'm doing almost come join me.

Ellen Bone
The Intuitive Edge



I want to try something special for the month of May. I would like to offer an opportunity for an hour reading with me for the special price of $99.00 instead of $120.00. You can still have the regular readings of 30 minutes or 15 minutes, but the hour time would be for those with many questions or more in depth medium work.
Offer Expires: June 1,2013