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Schedule for April
Happy April !!
I am so eager for the arrival of Spring. I think even the winter lovers are ready for some green grass and milder temperatures. I am ready to have my morning coffee in the porch swing watching the sun come up.
This begins my fourth month of being completely self employed. I absolutely love it even though I haven't quite worked out a rhythm or schedule to my day. It's all a lovely experience.
 For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you know that I mentioned getting permission to explore an old ( 200 years) haunted cabin. The weather and my schedule hasn't cooperated, but I hope to do this the end of the month. Please read my blog to read what I think about haunted houses, but I will also update you all about what happens when I go to explore.
Okay, a totally different subject. I want a dog...a big dog. Think Great Dane, English Mastiff, etc. The list of reasons of why I can not and should not have a dog is much longer by many pages than the simple longing for one. What is interesting is that I have his name which came to me in dream state. Do you remember Edgar Rice Burroughs who wrote the Tarzan books? He wrote a book where Tarzan had a son and the son's name was Korak. A perfect dog name! LOL
I am a lucid dreamer, which means I am aware I am dreaming and often try to interpret my dream while I am dreaming it! It's rather exhausting and frustrating sometimes. My most complicated lucid dream once was that I was  #1 aware I was a body having a dream(dream one)
#2 aware that I was being guarded by what I call the Watcher(dream 2)
#3 Who out of boredom was having his own dream!!(dream 3)
Yikes! Did I mention psychics often have head lines that travel into the zone of the hand reserved for lunatics? LOL
April 6th and 7th
Victory of Light Expo
Sharonville Convention Center
Cincinnati, OHio
April 12th 3pm-9pm
April 13th 9am-noon
Comfort Inn
Parkersburg, West Virginia
hours by appointment
call or email soon
[email protected]     70-962-6887
April 27th
Medium Circle Group
limited to 12   cost $25
Heal Your LIfe Center
call 740-448-2403  or email [email protected]
 I entered the world of social media kicking and complaining a year or two ago and ,although I still have a struggle balancing my time on the Internet, have found that I am enjoying some of the interaction.
My business manager, Jessica Harris, has a huge goal for "likes" on my Facebook business page. So, if you haven't visited The Intuitive Edge on Facebook, please check it out and please click on the "LIKE" button. I do try to comment on there frequently and love to hear what all of you are thinking and experiencing in this amazing changing times.

Ellen Bone
The Intuitive Edge