The Intuitive Edge
Ellen Bone
Can it really be March!!I just finished birthday cake in late February and already there is shamrock glitter and Easter baskets in the stores.
My father was only third generation American. His great grandfather fled political persecution in Ireland, came through Ellis Island, New York and finally settled in West Virginia . Every generation since has longed to visit that original homeland . Our allegiance is to the United States, paid with loyalty,love and blood, but I like to think that my father who passed  away one March day several years ago, is sitting on some green knoll in Ireland singing a tune in the Gaelic tongue.


When you look at a palm do you see lines only,or images too?  

I am a self taught palmist and my dream someday is to have professional instruction in the art of palm reading. Many palmist measure the lines in the hand for timing and easily point out lines and their meanings. I combine my intuitive gifts with palmistry so that I get images and or feelings that accompany and compliment the line interpretation.
For instance, I am sure that there are lines for jail bars..I have no idea where they are, but when looking at or touching your hands, I smell the steel. I feel the coldness of the bars. This is something that can not be taught, only experienced and felt after thousands of palms.
What's your question for me?

Psychic Parties 
 I get lots of questions about how I do psychic parties and what is needed.
Well, the hardest part is finding a compatible day for your group and enough notice for me to add you to my schedule.
I do not charge for travel(within a 100 mile radius), but require enough people to make a $200.00 minimum.
I only need a place to sit, a glass of water(or favorite) and to be able to read people in a quiet right after the other.
I do hesitate committing to long distance travel in the winter, but my summers are often filled with all sorts of parties please don't hesitate to ask...whether it is for an evening of friends or a large gala event.
30 minute reading price: $ 30
60 minutes reading price: $ 60
March 9th and 10th
Gift of Light Expo, Columbus, Ohio
March 22nd and 23rd
Comfort Inn, Marietta, Ohio
3-22-13... 3pm-9pm
3-23-13... 9am-noon
hours by soon
Daylight savingstime,St. Patrick's Day and Easter...whew!
Busy March!!
Don't forget I am now retired from the medical field and am enjoying my days doing what I love...readings for you!! Thank you for the privilege
Ellen Bone