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 February!! It's one of my favorite months for two reasons. It is my birthday month and I really do love cake. It is also the month that chocolate seems to be everywhere. What could be better?

This month marks the second of being retired from the medical field . I am absolutely joyous everyday to awaken to do the psychic work that I know is my soul path. I can't thank you enough for allowing and encouraging me on this journey.

Read a Fairy Tale
 My house is full of books and by full, I mean I have over a thousand books. The majority of my books are three kinds. First, I have cookbooks from the 1800's to present day. I am particularly fond of handwritten notes offering prayers, reflections, prices,remedies and suggestions in the margins of those books written by women a century ago.
The second large group of my books is, of course, metaphysical,spiritual, scientific books. I have books from astrology to zen. You name the topic...I probably have a book or two on it.
Last, but not least, is my collection of fairy tales from around the world. I have loved fairy tales since I was a child and love them just as much today . My only disappointment with them is that almost always it was the eldest child that was mean,ugly and sinful...I, alas, was the eldest in my large family. I vow to write a story someday that redeems that older sister and makes her the heroine.
So, this month on "read a fairy tale day", find a wonderful old tale, preferably from an old and dusty child's book and escape into a world of imagination.


When did you first realize you had the ability to read palms? 

I started looking at palms while working in the medical field. I looked at the palms of newborn babies to the palms of those in the morgue. Hands to me are one of the most beautiful things about a person and the palm holds a map that the owner has forgotten how to read. I wanted to look at and feel the various illnesses reflected in the palm and my initial dream was to write a book for doctors to use the palm to help diagnose and treat. I didn't write that book, but studying palmistry opened the door to my psychic ability that had been lying dormant for many years. For 23 years, I have assisted others in interpreting those lines and translating the messages etched there.
Please feel free to send me questions you'd like answered here, or on my blog.
I do many things without charge as a way of giving back to the Universe, but I have been remiss about really tithing . This month I am offering a percentage of my fee for my readings to the local food bank .The thought that we have hungry people in this country is heart wrenching.
Wishing you all a magical winter.

Ellen Bone
The Intuitive Edge



Book a half hour phone reading in February and recieve an extra fifteen minutes free!! This is especially helpful when you are wishing to make contact with a departed loved one and need just a little more time.
Offer Expires: March 1, 2013