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ALPOLIC® has teamed with VALSPAR® and Graffiti Removal Services® (GRS) to provide a cost-effective solution for ASTM-Compliant anti-graffiti ACM that requires no additional coatings and no additional cost. With the surge in graffiti and its serious cumulative effect, anti-graffiti coatings are being rapidly adopted in specifications and, in some cases, required by law.
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Every year American cities spend an estimated 12 billion dollars
on graffiti removal. Many times with non-environmentally friendly, time-consuming, ineffective methods. Cities are passing regulations
that dictate how quickly graffiti needs to be removed, citing rapid
removal as an effective prevention tool.

ALPOLIC® and Valspar® have aligned with GRS - Graffiti Removal Services® - to offer a non-toxic, water-soluble, biodegradable cleaning system that is highly effective and "brush-on/wipe-off" easy to use.
It's tested to ASTM standards and works equally on all new and existing ALPOLIC Valspar ACM projects.

Any building old or new that boasts ALPOLIC ACM with a Valspar FEVE, PVDF or polyester finish is already graffiti-resistant at absolutely no extra cost, with no extra coatings, for safe, fast and accurate graffiti removal.

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