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LUMIFLON, a FEVE resin-based coating, was developed and commercialized in 1982 by Asahi Glass as the first solvent-soluble fluoropolymer for coatings that can
be cured at room temperature conditions. This makes LUMIFLON suitable for use in both field-applied and shop-applied coatings. LUMIFLON based coatings maintain gloss and color when applied to buildings, bridges, water towers, aircraft, automobiles, and other structures for well over 30 years.

LUMIFLONŽ FEVE Based Coatings  

Make Metal Roof Restoration Easy

Factory applied coatings on metal roofs tend to degrade much sooner than the anticipated building's lifespan. Since factory finishes are baked on, the only viable method of roof restoration is field application. Deteriorated roof coatings must be stripped, cleaned and sprayed on-site; a job for which dedicated contractors are required. The inclusion of LUMIFLON FEVE resins in coatings, such as PPG's Coraflon ADS (air-dry system), help provide a coating with low maintenance properties.   



Transform Metal Roof Corrosion  

The integrity and appearance of the 8,000 sqft metal roof of the Village Harbor Office was undermined due to the roof panels' loss of adhesion and red rust corrosion through the factory baked-on finish. The Village Harbor Association, owner of the building, needed a low-maintenance, field-applied coating system that would withstand South Carolina's demanding climate, retain color strength and gloss, and offer a long term warranty.  


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Used to Restore Metal Roof Degradation

The standing seam metal roof of the Wolfe Residence, located in Crested Butte, Colorado had suffered severe degradation resulting in the peeling of the factory finish down to the galvanized substrate. The damage occurred at an accelerated rate due to the excessive snow and ice loads experienced at the 7,000-foot elevation of the Rocky Mountains. As a result, the roof's integrity was undermined.

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