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S-5!: A Founder's Vision
Throughout his more than 40-year
career in the roofing industry, S-5! founder Rob Haddock has been unwavering in his belief that metal
roofing is superior to other types of roofing, and believes just as strongly today that the company's innovations
are helping to make metal the most user-friendly roof type on the market today. "There is simply no other roof
to which things can be attached with such ease, economy, and security," Haddock insists. 
S-5!: The True Innovators 
S-5!'s ever-expanding family of clamps
Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but for roof-attachment pioneer S-5!, it has resulted in concern that roofing professionals might not be
getting what they think when shopping for ways to attach things to metal
roofs. Although some features of S-5! innovations have been copied, its extensive testing has not been. In fact, every major fall-protection company
in the world relies on S-5! because, when lives are hanging in the balance, untested imitation products aren't worth the risk. S-5! quality and holding strength have been proven in third-party labs and through 20+ years of
unrivaled system performance on over 1.5 million roofs across the globe.


S-5! innovated the first non-penetrating roof clamp more than two decades
ago, and since that time has focused its research and development on the
best ways to attach ancillaries without compromising the integrity of the roof. Today, over 1.5 million roofs trust S-5! above the competition because S-5!
does things "The Right Way."

S-5! Never Stops Innovating:

18 New Products Satisfy Demand!New Products

Once again demonstrating that S-5! is the industry's true innovator---- always looking for ways to provide and advance metal roof attachment solutions---- it is releasing more than a dozen new products. New additions to S-5!'s reserve
of standard and mini clamps are the S-5-H, S-5-V, and S-5-N 1.5 clamps. Expanding upon their industry-leading snow retention line, they are adding SnapClip II and III for ColorGard and SnoRail/SnoFence, and the X-Clip II/III and NEX 2.0 Splice make the new X-Gard pipe system even
more effective and easy to use. Supporting trapezoidal roofs in the United States, S-5! will market the new RibBracket and RibBracket Mini, and to provide more options for the corrugated roofs, S-5! is announcing the new CorruBracket 100T and CorruBracket 100T Mini. S-5! never stops innovating and is proud to continually find ways to make metal roofing the
best choice while doing it "The Right Way."

Solutions For Any Situation:

Snow Retention Products


Blankets of snow avalanching off the roof can cause serious damage or injury, but that can be prevented with S-5!'s innovative snow retention solutions.


X-Gard™ is the latest snow retention innovation by S-5!. While X-Gard 2.0 (two-pipe system) with the NEX 2.0 pipe is unsurpassed in its holding strength, the X-Gard 1.0 (one-pipe system) offers the most affordable, truly secure snow retention system alternative. The ColorGard, X-Gard, SnoRail™ and SnoFence™ systems are all engineered to be the strongest, most reliable snow retention systems for metal roofs on the market.


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X-Gard 1.0 (left) and SnoFence (right)
The Perfect Marriage: Solar On Metal

Rob and the S-5! team stand behind the proven advantages  

of mounting solar panels onto metal roofs. Factors such as compatible service life, durability, and efficiency all contribute to making standing seam roofing and PV a "perfect marriage." In accordance with this belief, S-5! has developed the S-5-PV Kit that truly is a breakthrough in solar mounting technology.


S-5! Exclusive: The Utility System
S-5! Utility System with Strut
The Utility System, another innovation from S-5!, is the most versatile utility mounting solution for standing seam metal roofs and is the only attachment solution of its kind.
The Utility System enables easy attachment of almost any conceivable utility application including signs, light fixtures, gas piping, HVAC equipment, lightning protection systems, condensate lines, equipment screens, electrical conduit, cabling, and more. It attaches with S-5!
clamps, which are secured with non-penetrating, round-point setscrews to ensure that the roof manufacturer's warranty stays intact.

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