July 2014
Thanks to our partners for making the 2014 ISHOF Induction a success.
2014 ISHOF Induction Ceremony

L-R: Bruce Hopping (USA), Jon Erikson (USA), Norman Sarsfield's son (GBR), Charlotte Davis (USA), Vicky & Penny Vilagos (CAN), Sandra Bucha (USA), Bob Dudley (USA), Agnes Kovacs (HUN), Jozsef Nagy (HUN), Tom Malchow (USA), Carlo Silipio (ITA)
To see their induction videos & speeches, 
click on the individual links below:
Sandra Bucha (USA) - Honor Open Water Swimmer - VIDEO / SPEECH
Charlotte Davis (USA) - Honor Coach - VIDEO / SPEECH
Jon Erikson (USA) - Honor Open Water Swimmer - VIDEO / SPEECH
Bruce Hopping - Honor Contributor  - VIDEO / SPEECH
Agnes Kovacs (HUN) - Honor Swimmer - VIDEO / SPEECH
Karin Kuipers (NED) - Honor Water Polo Player - VIDEO / SPEECH
Tom Malchow (USA) - Honor Swimmer  - VIDEO / SPEECH
Jozsef Nagy (HUN) -  Honor Coach - VIDEO / SPEECH
Norman Sarsfield (GBR) - Honor Contributor - VIDEO / SPEECH
Carlo Silipio (ITA) - Honor Water Polo Player  - VIDEO / SPEECH
Penny & Vicky Vilagos (CAN) - Honor Synch. Swimmers - VIDEO/SPEECH
Bob Dudley (USA) - Gold Medallion  - VIDEO / SPEECH
2014 Paragon and ISHOF Awards 
L-R: Wally James, Sid Cassidy, Bob Burnside, Olga Pinciroli, Cynthia Potter, 
Marnie Young, Torill Hindmarch, "Big" John McLaughlin

2014 Paragon Awards 

Stephen "Sid" Cassidy (USA) Competitive Swimming 
Cynthia Potter (USA) Competitive Diving 
Olga Pinciroli (BRA) Water Polo 
Miwako Homma (JPN) Synchronized Swimming 
Wally James (USA) Recreational Swimming 
Robert "Bob" Burnside (USA) Aquatic Safety 

ISHOF Awards 
John K. Williams Jr. Int'l Adapted Aquatics Award - Marnie Young (USA) 
Lifetime Achievement Award - John McLaughlin (USA) 
G. Harold Martin Award - Barry Shaw  (USA)
Virginia Hunt Newman Award - Torill Hindmarch (NOR)
 1964 Olympic Reunion

During the 2014 ISHOF Induction weekend we celebrated the 
50th anniversary of the Tokyo Olympic Games. 
Here is a great group shot of all the attendees.
L-R: Ed Townsend, Lesley Bush, Russell Phegan, Dawn Fraser, Steve Clark, 
Sharon Finneran, Mike Austin, Tom Gompf, Donna DeVarona, Pedro Pinciroli, 
Ginny Duenkel, Martina Abresch, Jed Graef, Cathy Ferguson, Sandy Nitta.
Honorees Past and Present in Attendance
L-R: first row sitting: The Vilagos twins, 2nd row sitting: Jon Erikson, Steve Lundquist, Eldon Godfrey, Dan Desjardins, Jesse Vassallo, Pam Wingerter, Lesley Bush, Buddy Bucha; standing: Bruce Hopping, Norman Sarsfield, Gail Roper, Dawn Bean, Charlotte Davis, 
Judy McGowan, Mike Read, Sandra Bucha, Ron O'Brien, Jim Martin, Bob Dudley, 
Mickey King, Agnes Kovacs, Donna DeVarona, Jozsef Nagy, Janet Evans, Ginny Duenkel, Tom Malchow, Cathy Ferguson, John Kinsella, Mike Barrowman, Carlo Silipio, Jon Urbanchek, Jed Graef.
 Make a Splash with 
Jason Lezak and Janet Evans 


As part of this year's Hall of Fame weekend, The USA Swimming Foundation brought
 Olympians Jason Lezak, Janet Evans and Alia Atkinson in to promote the
 Foundation's Make a Splash initiative.


The Make a Splash program is a national child-focused water safety campaign, which aims to provide the opportunity for every child in America to learn to

Make a Splash


To date, more than 2 million children have received the lifesaving gift of swim lessons through the USA Swimming Foundation Make a Splash Local Partner network, comprised of more than 600 qualified lesson providers across the nation. Please click on image to start video.

Dawn Fraser

Generally regarded as the greatest female swimmer of the 20th century, Dawn Fraser was on hand for the unveiling of a bust created by ISHOF artist in residence Jean Ermann Desimot. Dawn, along with her daughter and grandson, were also in town to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Tokyo Games, where she became the first person to win the same event (the 100 meter freestyle) in three consecutive Olympic Games. See video highlights of the Tokyo Olympic Games opening ceremonies, the 100m freestyle for men & women and the 200m men's backstroke.


Recent Acquisitions


Australian 1964 Olympian Russell Phegan presented ISHOF with several items of memorabilia from his collection, including three men's suits (USA, AUS & Japan) assorted badges, an Olympic towel and two kickboards, one an Adolph Kiefer board belonging to USA Olympic swimmer, Phil Riker.  Russell came over all the way from down under along with teammate Dawn Fraser to attend the 1964 Olympian celebration. 



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