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2014 Rough Water Swim
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Believe it or not!
Ancient Breaststrokers
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2014 Rough Water Swim

Saturday - Jan. 4, 2014
Race Start: 9.30am  
 Terramar Street
Fort Lauderdale Beach
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Support Presidential Honor for Kiefer

Join with ISHOF and
Swimming World Magazine to support the nomination of Adolph Kiefer for the Presidential Medal of Freedom, a recognition we believe is long overdue, as an athlete, businessman, inventor, lifesaver and role model for generations who aspire to live a meaningful life.  To learn more about Adolph's life of accomplishments,

If you would like to support our nomination of Adolph Kiefer for the Presidential Medal of Freedom, contact: Executive Office of the President, The White House, Attn: Executive Clerk's Office, Washington, DC 20502. Phone: 202-456-2226; Fax: 202-456-2569.

In The News
Diana Nyad, An Ageless Shark In Long-Distance Waters
To read the article from, click here

  Edith "Ede" Holiday, daughter of Hall of Famer Harry Holiday.

 Bob Boni, former  Yale swimmer and active history forum member, visiting from his home in Bolivia, where he has lived for the last 35 years. 

 Suzi Lynch, daughter of Hall of Famer R. Jackson Smith in front of the R. Jackson Smith Award.

 Christina Francisco, recipient of the 2013 Dr. Harold Henning Science Scholarship at North Central College in Naperville, IL. Dr. Henning was president of both F.I.N.A. and ISHOF.

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Believe It or Not!

Ancient Breaststrokers

"There is no such thing as a modern way to swim," the great Duke Kahanamoku once said. "I have no doubt that the ancients used every stroke we know and perhaps had better swimming form than we'll ever have."  Archeological discoveries may very well prove Duke's assertion correct. The development of the "modern" wave breaststroke, credited to 2014 ISHOF Coach Jozef Nagy, bears an uncanny resemblance to two of the oldest images of swimming humans have produced:  the fabled images from the "Cave of the Swimmers" in Egypt, and a  Mayan stucco frieze recently discovered in Guatemala. More:

New Exhibit
Dolphins, Matt Biondi & other Humans


Dolphins were admired in antiquity for their sociable and compassionate behavior and have long played a role in the imaginations of swimmers. ISHOF's newest exhibit explores the relationship between Dolphins and Humans, features video footage from Olympic great Matt Biondi swimming with dolphins and Phillip Colla's beautiful photos of Matt and Hall of Fame synchro swimmer Mikako Kotani swimming with dolphins. Dolphin sculptures by Jean Ermann Desimots and famed artist Robert Wyland are also part of the exhibit.  

Introducing Jean Ermann Dsimots,

ISHOF's Sculptor in residence

Artist Jean Ermann Desimots with wife Yvania and daughter Jes


Jean Ermann D�simots is a ceramist, illustrator and painter. He was born in 1977, in Petion-Ville, Haiti. He grew up in a family where clay was seen a medium both for artistic expression and a business. His father created a ceramic studio where most clay artists in Port-au-Prince came for training and where people naturally bought original works of art. More about the artist:


To see some of Jean Ermann Dsimots recent artwork created for ISHOF, follow the links:

New Acquisitions 

George Olsen Donates Photos  
George Olsen with Bruce Wigo

Photographer George Olsen swam for Matt Mann at Michigan in the 1940's and served as ISHOF's official photographer for many years. His photos have been in local, national & international magazines, books & newspapers. He was able to photograph a number of world record swims in the Hall of Fame pool including those by Michael Phelps, Mike Barrowman and Martin Zubero. He traveled to national and international swim meets for 25 years. He was FINA's official photographer of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, where he shot well over a 1000 images, which are among those donated to ISHOF. To read more about George and to see his photography, click here:
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The dedicated staff of the International Swimming Hall of Fame wish you a happy holiday season and best wishes for the new year.  A new year in which we will celebrate our first fifty years as a unique institution and museum that honors the heroes and preserves the history of our great, lifesaving sport. Please join us as a member if you are not already one and consider making an end of the year donation a donation so we can continue to use the past to inspire future generations of swimmers.  

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Bruce Wigo

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