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Legendary Water Polo Coach Deszo Gyarmati dies at 85
Dezso Gyarmati, the most successful water polo player in Olympic history and perhaps the greatest water polo player ever, is dead at the age of 85.
Gyarmati was a member of Hungary's water polo team at five different Olympics, medaling in all. He won gold at the 1952 Helsinki, the 1956 Melbourne and the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, silver at the 1948 Games in London, and bronze at the 1960 Olympics in Rome.
He is survived by his daughter Andrea, who won silver in the 100m backstroke and bronze in the 100m butterfly in the 1972 Munich Olympics. More:
Deszo Gyarmati with daughter Andrea

Dick Bower dies at 83 

The Gulf Coast Swimming Community lost one of its legendary members with the passing of a long-time collegiate and youth coach. Former Tullane University head man Dick Bower died Sunday after suffering a severe stroke. He was 83 years old. More:

Dick Bower   

A Celebration of his life will take place in New Orleans on September 7th, coinciding with the ASA World Clinic. It will be held at the Marriott Hotel on Canal Street between 4:00 and 7:00pm. The tribute is scheduled for 5pm. Please contact his wife Barbara at 281 681 9985 with questions.

Matt Mann's grandson and great grandson visited ISHOF's museum and library for some research on swim and surf legend Duke Kahanamoku and ISHOF's Buck Dawson
marsh and june greene
LtR: June and Marsh Green, Marion Washburn, Ginny and Dave Gilbert

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May 17, 1975. Buster Crabbe helps Honor Swimmer Mina Wylie slip into a jacket carrying the Australian crest. Mina, who was 77 at the time, won the Australian Championship 20 years in a row and was inducted into the Swimming Hall of Fame in 1975.

August 2013
2013 Masters Induction and Gold Medallion
On the evening of Friday September 13th, 2013 eight outstanding individuals will be inducted into the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame. The free reception and event will be held at the Hyatt Regency,  Orange County, in Garden Grove (Anaheim), California, in conjunction with the United States Aquatic Sports Convention.  The reception is in the North Tower Garden from 6:00-6:45, followed by the Induction in Garden 2 and 3 from 6:45-8:15 pm. For more information, contact Meg Keller-Marvin at:
The prestigious IMSHOF class of 2013 includes:  
Ted Haartz
Ted Haartz








HOLLY KYLE,  USA, Synchronized Swimmer


Water Polo Player

F.H. "TED" HAARTZ, USA, Contributor  

Peter Ueberroth to 
receive Gold Medallion

Collegiate water polo star and the man considered by Ueberroth many to be the savior of the modern Olympic Games will receive ISHOF's Gold Medallion Award on Saturday evening, September 14th, 2013 in an event at the the Hyatt Regency,  Orange County, in Garden Grove (Anaheim), California.  

Ueberroth joins an impressive list of former aquatic athletes who have received ISHOF's highest honor, including U.S. President Ronald Reagan.  For more information about the Gold Medallion Award and previous recipients see: 

2013 Swimming World Championships


The 15th WCS were held in Barcelona from July 20 through August 4. For the first time, high diving was an event.
 souveniers from WCS Barcelona


Among the items collected for future exhibitions (on left) will be the full-size Championship mascot, Xop, a drop of water designed in the Gaudi mosaic style, famous in Barcelona.  This could be the start of an Aquatic Mascot Hall of Fame.

Esther Williams Memorial

On August 17th, ISHOF's Marcia Meiners traveled to California, where Edward Bell and Connie Stevens hosted a lovely memoriaMarcia M & Ed Belll to the late Esther Williams. It was held poolside, at the beautiful home of Hollywood Star, Connie Stevens. In attendance were many stars from the Hollywood's golden years including Debbie Reynolds! Ed Bell emceed the memorial, introducing many of Esther's family, colleagues and friends over the years as they shared their fond meAqualilliesmories of her.  


The Aqualillies, a professional synchronized swimming company performed,wearing the iconic white swimsuit from her film debut in "Andy Hardy's Double Life" to commemorate her many years of synchronized swimming in the movies.


New Acquisitions

Side Tie Swimsuit from famous Poseidon Swim Club of Berlin ca. 1950
swimsuit poseidon
Official side tie swim and water polo suit ca. 1952, SC Poseidon, Berlin, GER


At the recent FINA World Championship in Barcelona, Bruce Wigo met up with Master Honoree Brigitte Merten, who presented him with a donation from Dieter Blisse (German Water Polo Player and Swimmer) for our museum (pictured on right).

Skeleton Suit  (Spain)
skeleton swimsuit
Joining our synchronized swimming exhibit is the skeleton suit, worn by the silver medal winning Spanish National Team at the 2009 FINA World Championships. On loan from Mayuko Fujiki .
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