June 2013
Welcome to the first edition of the SaferSwimmer Newsletter. If you are not already familiar with the SaferSwimmerTM, developed and designed by the International Swimming Hall of Fame to make swimming in the open water safer and more fun, I hope you will take the time to learn more about it.
Bruce Wigo
Co-Inventor and President of
The International Swimming Hall of Fame
A+ Review From USA Triathlon 
Not so confident in open water or wondering where to put your car keys during your swim. Then SaferSwimmer™ float is the swim safety device for you.
  • Always be visible 
    USA Triathlon review
    To read the review,

    Let the float tell everyone you are swimming
  • Have a rest if needed 
    The buoy will fully support your weight
  • Keep your stuff dry 
    Take all your important stuff along for a swim
New SaferSwimmer Products
New products that can make your swimming in the open water safer and more enjoyable.

The SaferSwimmer TPU
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Medium or Large
Our TPU comes in the same sizes as our original SaferSwimmers, but is made with a more durable high-performance durable fabric, Thermoplastic Polyurethane, the material used to make products like flexible fuel tanks, inflatable boats and rafts. It costs a little more, but is much more durable, longer lasting and a brighter color.  
The SaferSwimmer H2O 
Coaches recommend that swimmers hydrate, or consume fluids every twenty minutes during practices to prevent dehydration, cramping and fatigue. Sever cases of dehydration can lead to hyperthermia, a serious condition that can lead to heat stroke or fainting. Now you can hydrate while training in the open water with our SaferSwimmer H2O. The H2O's storage compartment is on the outside, easy to access and with a storage capacity sufficient for holding a large water bottle, and equipment such as extra goggles or handpaddles.  



ISHOF SwimTalker


The ISHOF SwimTalkerTM is an ideal product for Open

Water swimming and triathlon coaches. Using bone conduction technology, the coach is now empowered with the ability to instruct swimmers in real time, from the side of the pool or from a boat, while the swimmer's head is in the water swimming. Before the swim coach had to wait until the swimmer had finished the end of the swim or swim set. By this time the swimmer has already repeated countless incorrect swimming stokes. Read more:

In The News: 
Missouri State Trooper Drowns Training for Triathlon. 
What if David Finley had had a SaferSwimmer?
Fayetteville, AR - June 24, 2013 - The Ozark Valley Triathlon was cancelled Sunday, after a Missouri Highway Patrol Sergeant, training for the competition, drowned at Lake Wedington. Emergency crews responded to the lake Saturday afternoon, after a man in distress went underwater. "Some of the swimmers saw him and tried to help him and he disappeared under the surface," said Sergeant Ti Augustine with the Washington County Sheriff's Office. Read More:
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