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Life Changes
GA Sept Camp meeting 2016

       Do you feel like a fish out of water? We do ... So sorry but life changes are necessary in order to be effective in Jim's cancer treatment. If any of you have heard of Dr. Loraine Day's story of her fight with cancer--then you know that stress is a key factor in winning or loosing that fight over cancer. She did all 8 of the natural remedies but until she ceased over work and eliminated the stress in her life, being at peace with God, all her efforts in fighting her cancer were vanity. So please understand why we are cancelling this years September Camp Meeting in GA. Jim is winning his battle against cancer but we want to have a complete victory with Jesus and this change in plans is necessary to do that.

       Our heart is still in ministry and sharing the real Gospel, the real God, and practical steps that God gives all to be able to enter into that walk and talk with God that makes us into a new creature by Divine power attending our Human effort to effectively change our life thoughts, feelings, emotions, and life's responses In Him and be Re-Created to be like Him.

       Join us in our fight for life and health to be able to be God's instrument once again by your prayers. Fight your fight of faith--we all have this same fight. You may not be fighting cancer but there is sin and self and life's bad habits like anger or whatever; we have not yet given up that God's wants to heal these diseases too. Which is more important? All are!! We'll pray for you add your pray for us--we'll be a family and a team in this venture.

       If you have already made plans and arrangements with time off. Please use it wisely to take your family to the hills or mountains to meet God, to come ye yourself apart and rest awhile with God and make a plan for letting God in your life more this year and finish your race with gusto In Him. Unite your family. Change what is not right in your family. Let every trial and perplexity drive you closer to Him for renewed life, health, and peace! Know we love you and are praying for each of you too.

       God's blessings to you and may we see you once again in the full vigor of life In Christ in 2017. Let's plan it. Let that new life come out!

Love & Blessings,
Jim & Sally

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