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Need Gifts for Thanksgiving?

       Give a Gift that keeps on giving.
       Give a Gift that says Thank you for being You!
       They helped you now you want to Help them.
       You know someone who just needs to know God.

Go to our Website: We have books ... CD's ... DVD's

       Select from: The Christian Experience Section
       Select from: For Men
       Select from: For Women
       Select from: For Couples
       Select from: For Parents
       Select from: For Homeschoolers
       Select from: For Youth
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       What greater gift is there than helping others Walk With God?

Need Gifts for Christmas?

She wrestles with discouragement ... get her the
       "A Personal Walk" CD, DVD series
        Also covers Overcoming Appetites

He just can't see why he fails ... help is on it's way--get
       "Come Walk With Me" book, CD, or DVD.
       "Men of Power" book, CD, or DVD

Their marriage is rocky or they want to improve it with God
       "Irresistible" book, CD, or DVD series 
       "Empowered Living" book, CD, or DVD series

She desires to raise her children right but just can't get it together.
       "Parenting by the Spirit" helps the parent walk with God
       "Parenting Your Infant/Toddler by the Spirit"
       "Parenting Your Child by the Spirit" true training
       "Parenting Your Teen by the Spirit" show God as powerful
       Reading this 4 book series help us see how God wants to
       re-parent us, bring us out of wrong ways, and be Our Father.
       With God at the Helm we have Divine power attending us

 Have trials with people? Get help and understanding with God
       "Facing Frenemy Fire" will help a Great Deal

Lack the Love God demonstrates? Get a glimpse
       "It's About People" ... God wants to put this in us!

There is all of this and much more.

Making it More Affordable:

20% discount
  on all orders before Christmas. To get this discount you will need to call the office and place a phone order: 406-387-4333. This is our Christmas gift and Thank you gift to you; helping make your giving more affordable.
       When we fall, God promises say we can arise (Michah 7:8), by His Grace, Might, and Forgiveness. (I John 1:9) His Promises fail not. We may fail but not Him--He is God. These messages are timeless in their application because they are practical how-to messages from God, it's His power that creates the miracles to redeem and restore our marriages, our thoughts, our emotions. To learn to love as He loves, to follow His principles and ways in His power. Even to get up when you fall! To learn to raise your children for Christ, we need His Holy Spirit, to direct us, give us wisdom, to connect to in order to accomplish our highest goals and desires. We are the branch and He is the VINE that gives us the Sap of Life, the Bread of Life and the Living Water to Live as He lived. In Him all things are possible!
Share Jesus Our Lifeline,
Jim & Sally Hohnberger
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Christ Himself attends every message to give you power to be Like Him, to change, to overcome, to restore, to understand, to be inspired!! May Christ be in your Christmas and every day this year!!