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       "It is the responsibility of the States to protect and provide equal rights to its people; but, 
        when the government fails to do so, it is time for a social change. It's the citizen's turn to 
        claim what is right. The time has begun to stand up and reinvigorate a fading Nation". 


                                                                           Artist Statement:  Ariel Vargassal 



4th Annual 'Out-and-Out' 
LGBT Group Exhibition
Opening Reception
Sunday, June 2nd  /  3:00 pm - 7:00 pm
        In its 4th yearChimMaya has once again assembled a diverse group of 
          LGBT artists for this annual exhibition, from throughout the United States 
        and Canada. 
        The June show...will also be the introduction to the public of the 'new' 
        footprint of our galleries and retail shop.  
        ChimMaya Resident Artists: Hector Silva, Juan Solis
        Featured Artist: Tony de Carlo
        Invited Artists: Ariel Vargassal, Esau Andrade, Thomas Acevedo, Lage Carlson,
      Anna P. Sutton, Paul Richmond, Andrew McCoy, Chris Lopez, Lalo Ugalde, 
      Angel Villanueva, Carmine Santaniello, Violetta Antonia Sorcini, Francisco Cabas,
      Manuel Acevedo, John Kaine, Joshua David McKenney, Jackson Photografix, 
      Jim Ferringer, Skot Schuler, Raul Pizarro, Violeta Moreno, Otto Aguilar, 
      Jono Photography
                                          'New Works'   by  Tony de Carlo
       Tony de Carlo is a native of Los Angeles, now residing in Savannah, Georgia. 
      A self-taught artist, Tony has been creating artwork on a daily basis since 
      his childhood.
      Over the years...a frequent participant in group shows in our gallery, 
      Tony will be opening his first solo exhibition in conjunction with
      'Out-and-Outand his exhibit will be the first show, in our newly designed  
      front gallery space.  
      Tony's artwork is exhibited regularly in museums and galleries throughout the 
      United States, and his paintings are in many public and private collections 
      around the world. 
      As a celebrated Latino/LGBT artist, ChimMaya is pleased to feature Tony's 
      newest artwork in our gallery, during 'LA PRIDE' month in Los Angeles.



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