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CIG Financial Completes Full Migration to the Nortridge Loan System


LAKE FOREST, Calif., March 27, 2014 - Nortridge Software Company, a leading software provider for lenders and loan servicing companies nationwide, announced that CIG Financial has finished its conversion to the Nortridge Loan System (NLS) software application. CIG Financial is an indirect automotive lender serving 12 states from coast to coast.


"We were using a true 'legacy' system that was nearly impossible to update," said Michael Pavlin, vice president at CIG Financial. "We couldn't grow our business like we knew we could, and we couldn't service loans the way we wanted to. We needed a more sophisticated and flexible system."


Since going live on January 1, CIG already sees higher efficiency. "We can now measure productivity and effectiveness like never before," said Pavlin. "The system is easy to navigate and requires fewer keystrokes to get tasks done. But it's the real-time feedback that really makes a difference. Our team likes the instant feedback because it helps them understand how they're spending their time so they can adjust for greater efficiency."


Pavlin also pointed out that most loan servicing systems are designed for the customer service and accounting teams, leaving the special groups - such as those handling bankruptcies and repossessions - to make do with using the data they can find. "NLS supports all of these groups, again increasing productivity and accountability for everyone," added Pavlin.


According to Pavlin, another benefit to NLS is the ease of making minor changes to functionality. "Most systems require a computer programmer who can write code," he said. "But Nortridge deliberately designed NLS so that someone like me can make simple changes without needing help from IT. This is an enormous benefit for us."


"It was a pleasure to work with CIG," said Greg Hindson, president and CEO of Nortridge.  "They knew what they wanted and were not afraid to use NLS to its fullest capacity.  The open and standard NLS back end database simplified their need for extensive reporting.  We're pleased to have CIG join our family, and we look forward to helping their business grow and prosper."  


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Learning from Others


A big advantage of the Internet is having quick access to huge amounts of useful information. Edgar Cerecerez, Nortridge's marketing specialist, gathered some of that available intel and offers some great insights in a recent blog post about the importance of humanizing your marketing - and therefore, your business. You can check it out below. At Nortridge, we've built our business on doing our best to "be human." That's not always easy for a software company, but we strive for it every day.


This edition also includes an article by a former Toyota executive who tells us how continuous improvement and lean business practices can be smart strategies for nearly any industry. You can find his article below as well.


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Thank you,

Greg Hindson

President, Nortridge Software


Humanizing Marketing 


by Edgar Cerecerez


There is something intrinsically appealing about truly connecting with your audience. In the world of marketing, that means being honest about your intentions, presenting clear and transparent information to your potential customers, and not selling. Not selling is an important part. When we are "not selling", we are "listening". The more you listen, the better your response. Active listening creates a two-sided conversation rather than a pitch. Eventually you begin to understand the customer, and truly connect. That connection is based more on how we share information rather than the information itself. This is the main idea behind the 'More Human" video that Hubspot shared last year.


Of course, Hubspot is not the only one to touch on the idea of being 'more human' in your marketing and in your companies. Some of my favorite books and authors have also shared similar ideas; Kim and Mauborgne's Blue Ocean Strategy, Eric Ries' The Lean Startup, Seth Godin's Linchpin, and Malcom Gladwell's Outliers. These are my favorites because they share ideas of the newer generation of tech-savvy business people in a global economy. They understand that the Internet, has changed the world of business. In Blue Ocean Strategy, Mauborgne talks about how to create value in industries that are highly competitive. Ries takes after the Agile Software Development movement and writes about creating a company that is constantly learning and rapidly changing course (pivots) based on customer feedback and new information; essentially tailoring his company to service a real customer need. Seth Godin recommends we ditch the 'turn-key' business model and replace it with passionate and empowered employees that help the company stay competitive through rapid change and constant improvement. Watch his keynote at last year's Hubspot conference here.


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(Still) Learning from Toyota

excerpt from McKinsey Quarterly


By Deryl Sturdevant


A retired Toyota executive describes how to overcome common management challenges associated with applying lean, and reflects on the ways that Toyota continues to push the boundaries of lean thinking.  


In the two years since I retired as president and CEO of Canadian Autoparts Toyota (CAPTIN), I've had the good fortune to work with many global manufacturers in different industries on challenges related to lean management. Through that exposure, I've been struck by how much the Toyota production system has already changed the face of operations and management, and by the energy that companies continue to expend in trying to apply it to their own operations.


Yet I've also found that even though companies are currently benefiting from lean, they have largely just scratched the surface, given the benefits they could achieve. What's more, the goal line itself is moving-and will go on moving-as companies such as Toyota continue to define the cutting edge. Of course, this will come as no surprise for any student of the Toyota production system and should even serve as a challenge. After all, the goal is continuous improvement.


Read the full article...


Tips & Tricks:

Using Campaign Builder to Create Collection Queues


A recent webinar focused on how to use collection queues to allow multiple collectors to work a contact list simultaneously.

The session shows how to create queues using an easy grid control or by leveraging the power of the SQL language.

Some examples of queues you can create are: 

1) Queue by days past due, but exclude certain status codes
2) Queues of customers' broken promises
3) Queues by days past due, but exclude customers who have made a promise that is not yet broken


If you missed the webinar, you can view it from the Nortridge Online Community. If you're an NLS user and haven't signed up yet, just click here to sign up. You'll then have access to all the Webinar Wednesdays as well as other great resources and conversations.


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