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National Automotive Finance Association Offers Compliance Certification Program


The National Automotive Finance Association is offering the Consumer Credit Compliance Executive Certification Program to assist consumer finance companies in meeting the increasingly difficult challenge of complying with federal and state regulatory requirements.


The certification program is designed to provide the compliance professional with a solid working knowledge of the federal laws and regulations that govern consumer credit, together with an overview and general examination of state consumer credit law.


The program consists of four modules - two presented in an in-person classroom setting and two in an online format at the student's own pace. Each module includes multiple sessions, with each session providing a thorough overview of the applicable law or regulation. The online sessions are followed by an online test that must be passed to receive credit for the session.


The program will provide the student with a comprehensive knowledge of consumer credit laws and regulations, preparing graduates to perform in a compliance management role. 


After successfully completing the program, the graduate will be recognized as a Certified Consumer Credit Compliance Executive. 


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Staying On Top of Compliance Regulations


Sometimes it's tough to keep track of changing compliance regulations, but we all know we must. It's possible to build a foundation so that you're ready for any inquiry from regulators. Mark Gleason's recent blog post tells you how. Be sure to check it out in this month's issue.


We also found a great article on that gives some insight into a number of finance-related items that should be on your radar - both personally and professionally. We highlight the Bank Regulations portion in this issue, but you can click through to read the entire article if you'd like. 


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How to Build a Foundation for Compliance 


by Mark Gleason


In my business of loan management software, one of the hottest topics is "Compliance."  That's in quotes, because Compliance with a capital C can mean wildly different things to different lenders. We're often asked if our software can make a lender Compliant. The answer is, of course, "No software by itself can make you compliant." A lending business that complies with all rules and regulations operates on a foundation of clear processes and rules that are followed and documented.


One of the keys to a compliant lending operation seems really obvious and straightforward - manage all workflow systematically. Track every step, explain every decision, record every interaction with any party to any transaction, and keep a complete audit trail without gaps or exceptions. That sounds pretty simple, but it takes systems and a commitment to gap-free business processes to actually make it work.




What's in Store for 2014?


Excerpt from a larger article from the Your Money section of


By Paul Sullivan


BANK REGULATION: This is the year when a host of rules with names like Volcker, Dodd-Frank and Basel III are set to rein in how banks in the United States have been doing business. Their goal is to avoid a repeat of the 2008 financial collapse.


"They've been stated, postponed, somewhat implemented, but the end result is heightened regulation of banks is breaking the traditional business model," said Greg Peterson, director of investment research at Ballentine Partners, an adviser to high-net-worth clients. "They can't make the loans they used to."


This is not great for businesses that need loans, but it is an opportunity for nontraditional lenders. Mr. Peterson said he had talked to clients about investing in funds that lend directly to smaller companies. They are not without risks.


"In some sense, the systemic risks in the economy have been pushed out of the banks and onto the investors," he said. "If one of these firms goes bankrupt, there's no recourse. The investors have lost their investment."

For this reason, he said investors needed to be vigilant in assessing managers and making sure their qualifications were not overstated. 


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