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New Poll Commissioned by QC Holdings Finds Payday Loan Borrowers Appreciate the Loans and Use Them Responsibly - to Save Money and Credit Scores
9 in 10 Felt Product Met Their Expectations, Are Highly Satisfied, and Value the Service


OVERLAND PARK, KS (Dec. 4, 2013) - More than nine in 10 payday loan borrowers found the terms and cost of their payday loans as expected or better than expected, while more than four in five borrowers said it was easy to repay their loans, according to a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive.


In the first in-depth examination of payday loan borrowers' motivations and rationale, an overwhelming majority of the 1,004 borrowers surveyed were satisfied with their experience, carefully weighed the risks and benefits before taking out a loan, and preferred short-term loans over real-world alternatives like bouncing checks or incurring late bill payment penalty fees.


Borrowers surveyed were customers of QC Holdings or other storefront lenders that belong to the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA) who had taken loans in summer of 2013.


Read the full news release


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All Eyes on Data Security


Data security is always a concern in our industry. With the recent focus on major data breaches that impact millions of people, we thought it was appropriate to offer some insights and best practices in this month's eNews.  


Our own Aaron Abrams wrote on the topic a few years back. You can revisit his blog post below. We also found an article on with great advice for any business. Be sure to check that out as well. 


We plan to become more active online this coming year. We hope you'll join the conversation. If you haven't already, like us on Facebook, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, and join the Nortridge Online Community (for NLS users). Or, you can always contact me directly.


Thank you,

Greg Hindson

President, Nortridge Software

Don't Play Games with Security


by Aaron Abrams


The year is 1983. David Lightman, a high school junior, is failing biology. Besides being somewhat of a computer prodigy, David is also a class clown, a characteristic that one day lands him in the principal's office.


David knows that the grades are already on the school computer and that the principal and his secretary sometimes work on the computer from home, dialing in on the 300 baud modem line. David also knows where the secretary writes down the password. While he waits for the principal to see him, he finds the password "Pencil" and that night, he changes his grade in Biology from an F to a C. He avoids summer school, but he almost starts a nuclear war.


Did you recognize this as part of the plot from the 1983 movie WarGames, starring Mathew Broderick? Whether you did or not, there is an important lesson in computer security to be learned.




Lessons for Every Business From Target's Data Breach


Excerpt from:


By Natalie Burg, a former downtown development professional, and a freelancer who writes about growth, entrepreneurialism and innovation.

Target customers saw red this holiday, and not in the way the retailer intends with its upbeat brand palette.


After shoppers learned in December, largely from media sources, that 40 million of their credit and debit card numbers were stolen from those who made in-store purchases between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15, the number of those affected has now risen to up to 110 million. To make matters worse, concerned consumers faced poor customer service when calling or searching for more information regarding the breach after the news initially broke.


As if Target needed another holiday season sucker punch, a week into the investigation, the retailer announced that encrypted customer PIN numbers were included in the theft. Early estimates of the potential cost of the crisis to Target are in the hundreds of millions.


While consumers might be frantically searching their credit reports and billing statements, retailers around the world have reason to feel frantic over another unknown: How can my business protect itself from such a disaster?


Read the full article...


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