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PeopleFund Announces Partnership with Interfaith Ministries



Houston, Texas - PeopleFund, a community development financial institution and local nonprofit, announces a $3.9 million in New Markets Tax Credit allocation to support the expansion of Meals on Wheels of Greater Houston as part of a $12 million project that will rehabilitate Interfaith's existing facility.  It will also support construction of a new office building to serve as the headquarters for Interfaith's Meals on Wheels program and a state of the art distribution center that will increase annual meals served to as much as 3 million.


The new facility will allow for 10,000 seniors to be served on a daily basis, almost double those previously served. The revamped headquarters will accommodate 3,000 volunteers, and 145 employees, provide an onsite conference space, and support 600 refugees who settle in Houston each year.


"This is a wonderful project and PeopleFund is proud to join Interfaith, Chase, and other organizations commited to making this project a reality. The impact for the greater Houston area is enormous and we all look forward to the facility's completion," said PeopleFund President & CEO Gary Lindner.


Read the full news release


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The Future is Bright


As we close out the year, I send best wishes for a happy holiday season and much success in 2014. I agree with Mark Gleason's forecast for 2014 (see the next article). There are some great opportunities for the financial services sector in the new year. Be sure to check out his predictions as well as article about 10 Rules for Disruptors in the Financial Services Industry.


We've enjoyed staying connected to our NLS users and others in the industry. Let's keep it going. If you haven't already, like us on Facebook, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, and join the Nortridge Online Community (for NLS users). Or, you can always contact me directly.


Thank you,

Greg Hindson

President, Nortridge Software

Lending Technology
Trends & Forecast for 2014


by Mark Gleason


As we close out another calendar year, a time-honored holiday tradition is the writing of either a top ten list from the year gone by or a forecast for the coming year. Forecasts are more fun because you get to look back a year later and either revel in correctness or figure out how things went so far in the opposite direction.


Lending technology lends itself to forecasting because it's tightly coupled to macro-economic factors, technology trends, and social interactions.


The macro trend in economics that will affect most businesses in almost any lending segment is the expectation that interest rates will rise. Last week's rosy jobs reportrecord stock pricesrising home values, and several other very positive indicators of general economic strength are likely to lead to the long-predicted end of the U.S. government's ongoing bond buying to keep rates at record lows. We had a few false alarms on that in 2013, but unless things swing quickly, Quantitative Easing should wind down in 2014.




10 Rules For Disruptors in the Financial Services Industry


Excerpt from:


By Brian Ascher, a partner at Venrock. He is an investor and board member of BillFloat and Personal Capital. 


Having worked in the FinTech space many years ago, invested in the space for over a decade, and met with hundreds of talented teams in this area, I have observed the following ten traits among the most successful companies:


Rule #1: Unlock Economic Value 

Rule #2: Champion the Consumer   

Rule #3: Serve The Underserved  

Rule #4: Remember the "Service" in Financial Service 

Rule #5: Put a Face on It  

Rule #6: Be a Financial Institution, not a vendor  

Rule #7: Use Technology Creatively  

Rule #8: Create Big Data Learning Loops 

Rule #9:  Beware the Tactical vs. Strategic Conundrum 

Rule #10: Make it Beautiful, Take it To Go


There has never been a better time to be a FinTech revolutionary, and hopefully these rules for revolutionaries provide some actionable insights for those seeking to make money in the money business.


Read the full article...


Hindson's Tips N Hints: 

Using the NLS Service


Hindson's Hints icon

The NLS Service is a Windows service that is configured through your control panel, and runs in the background of your operating system, waiting to execute scheduled tasks.  In this way, it is similar to a Window's task scheduler, except it is configured through NLS setup, and it is specifically designed to automate the execution of various functions of the Nortridge Loan System.  


First and foremost, you can automate your nightly accrual processing. Also, you can automate processing of various reports so that they are either waiting on the printer for you when you come to work in the morning or are saved as PDF files in the NLS database, accessible from your report tree.  This is a great time saver for reports that take a long time to process. Third, you can automate the refresh of your collector campaign lists.  And lastly, you can automate the creation of the NACHA file to send to your bank for ACH processing.  The file will just be waiting in the directory that you have specified so that it may be transmitted or uploaded to your bank by whatever means they have specified.   


For more information, see our webinar here. 


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