This Month's Focus: Lending Trends                                     October 2013
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Lithia Motors Ranks #14 on Fortune Magazine's List of 100 Fastest- Growing Companies

Here's what Fortune magazine said:


The growth of Lithia Motors closely tracks the recovery of the American economy. The Oregon company's stock cratered in March, 2009, as Americans cut back on spending after the financial collapse. But as auto sales have bounced back, so has Lithia's stock. Trading below $3 in the first part of 2009, the shares are now above $65. The network of car dealerships in Western States - their eastern-most shop is in Ames, Iowa - saw a 17% increase in sales in the second quarter this year, with revenue climbing to $27.4 million, a 41% increase over the 2012 numbers. 


See the full list here...


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Trends Point to Opportunity for the Lending Community


There's reason for optimism as the year heads into its final months. This issue includes our recent blog post about four trends that open opportunities for those in the lending profession.  Be sure to check it out. 


Also, the entire team at Nortridge 

congratulates Lithia Motors on being named to Fortune magazine's list of 100 Fastest-Growing Companies. That's an impressive accomplishment.  You can view the full list by clicking the link in the left column.


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Thank you,

Greg Hindson

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Top 4 Lending Trends in 2013    


by Edgar Cerecerez


1. Big data is changing both consumer behavior and loan products.


2. Peer-to-peer lending is growing and has the potential to change the lending landscape in the future.


3. Subprime auto lending is ripe for disruption.


4. Consumer lending is expected to grow with
the U.S. economy.



The True Size of the Shadow Banking System Revealed


Excerpt from:


The shadow banking system is vastly bigger than regulators had thought, say econophysicists who have developed a powerful new way to measure its hidden impact


In most parts of the world, the banking system is closely regulated and monitored by central banks and other government agencies. That's just as it should be, you might think.


But banks have a way round this kind of regulation. For the last decade or so, it has become common practice for banks to do business in ways that don't show up on conventional balance sheets. Before the 2008 financial crisis, for example, many investment banks financed mortgages in this way. To all intents and purposes, these transactions are invisible to regulators.


This so-called shadow banking system is huge and important. Indeed, many economists blame activities that took place in the shadow banking system for the 2008 crash.


But the size of the system is hard to measure because of its hidden and impenetrable nature. But today, Davide Fiaschi , an economist at the University of Pisa in Italy, and a couple of pals reveal a powerful and simple way of determining the size of the shadow banking system.


 Read the full article...


Hindson's Tips N Hints: 

NLS 4.7.3 Highlights

Hindson's Hints icon


Nortridge recently launched version 4.7.3. The new version of NLS comes with many enhancements including:

  • Interest Introductory Rate  Introductory rates are rate schedules that have an expiration date. This is used in lieu of having to set up step-by-days type interest and is useful when having a rate schedule that has a limited time frame.
  • Base Rate Spreads  Control base rate spreads based on original balance, principal balance, or credit limit.
  • Multi-Currency Denominate loans, vendor accounts and disbursement accounts based on any currency loan you want.
To learn more about these and other enhancements, click here to watch a recent webinar.    


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