This Month's Focus: Marketing Your Business                          June 2013
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Marketing is Everyone's Job
Rethink Your Marketing Strategy
7 Tips for Managing Email Lists
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Watch this video to hear Service Finance Company's Ian Berch talk about using a web portal to support branding efforts
News About Our Customers:

Pelican Auto Finance, LLC Announces $50 million Partnership with Flexpoint Ford




Pelican Auto Finance, LLC ("Pelican") announced that it has received an initial equity investment from funds affiliated with private equity firm Flexpoint Ford, LLC ("Flexpoint Ford") and that Flexpoint Ford has been granted the option to invest up to $50 million in the aggregate in Pelican.  As an indirect, deep sub-prime automotive lender, Pelican provides auto financing solutions for both franchise and independent dealers in the Mid-Atlantic region as well as in Texas.


The investment by Flexpoint Ford establishes Pelican as an important auto finance resource for its dealer clients.  Pelican provides automotive dealers with a competitive choice to finance deep subprime borrowers, including those with no credit, very low FICO scores, or a previous bankruptcy, repossession or foreclosure.

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Marketing is Everyone's Job 


Sometimes we get so caught up in the day-to-day business of running our companies that we forget the importance of marketing.  Even if you have a team dedicated to marketing, it's important for everyone to participate in the process. Everyone has something to contribute.


This issue focuses on marketing with advice and inspiration to help you increase your brand's exposure. You'll find some good tips on how to manage your email lists as well as how to connect with current and potential customers.


Also, although not related to marketing, this month's Tips N Hints article gives some helpful information about how to ensure interest calculates correctly even if you adjust the effective date of the payment. Be sure to check it out.


If you have questions about any of this information, please feel free to connect with me.

Thank you,
Greg Hindson
President, Nortridge Software
Consumer Finance in 2013 -
Rethinking Your Marketing Strategy
By Kurt Frank, President, 
Digital Assets

Are you getting the most out of your marketing dollars? Consumer finance companies are in a dog-eat-dog world right now. What used to be solely a relationship-driven business, has become an anonymous game of dollars and cents.


It used to be that a consumer would have to make a multitude of phone calls, or drive from place of place to meet with or talk to a loan officer in order to get a solid estimate. Today, rates and estimates are just a few clicks away. Comparing one finance company to another is as easy as surfing the web. Consumer finance marketers must face the fact that the days of controlling the buying process are gone. Why? Your customers are now defining that journey on their own terms. They're self-educating online with search, social media, and discussion with their peers - and they only want to talk to you when they're ready.


Bottom line? It's time to rethink your marketing strategy.


Boost Leads with These 7 Tips for Managing Email Lists 


Excerpt from: B2B


Solid list management is a requirement for good lead generation, said Lori Wizdo, principal analyst at Forrester Research, yet few marketers are putting the two practices together. Today only a third of marketers remove bad emails from their lists, and only 22% have a policy around deleting inactive names, Wizdo said. And yet both of those things can affect delivery and, by association, lead generation.


"List management, especially segmentation, can bring better conversion," said Jill Bastian, training and education manager at Vertical Response, a provider of interactive marketing services. "A lot of marketers seem to think having the most people possible see their email will make something stick, but the opposite is really true. If you're sending specific information that your readers are looking for, you stand a better chance of getting them to engage in the email with your company and ultimately make a purchase."


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NLS Tips N' Hints from Greg Hindson:
Date-Dependent Payment Distribution

Hindson's Hints icon


If you have ever entered a payment into NLS and noticed that when you change the effective date of the payment, the interest to principal breakdown of that payment changes (on certain loan types), you may have been wondering what's going on.  This would happen when the setup of the loan in NLS uses the interest method of "Simple" (rather than "Fixed Amortized" or "Rule of 78s").  These are the settings that should be used when the loan contract has a clause that reads something like, "Interest shall be accrued daily on the outstanding principal balance and all payments shall be applied first to the interest outstanding, with any remaining payment going to pay principal."


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Coming in July! 

This summer, the Nortridge team will launch Webinar Wednesdays - a new series of interactive sessions to help you learn more about NLS's capabilities and features.  Topics will include: i
nterest rate options in NLS; using Word to create custom letter and documents in NLS; how to use the report builder; getting the information you need from a report and scheduling reports; and how to use the new borrower portal, just to name few.  Look for your emailed invitation to participate.