This Month's Focus: Improving Your Efficiency                       May 2013
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Sufficiently Efficient?
Distracted by Technology and Software Management?
10 Apps to Increase Your Productivity
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Watch this video to hear Innovate Auto Finance's Chris Chestnut talk about bulk uploads
News About Our Customers:

ACCION Texas Rated Four-Star Nonprofit for Second Straight Year


(as reported in the San Antonio Business Journal)







For the second consecutive year, ACCION Texas has been honored as a four-star nonprofit organization by Charity Navigator.


The four-star rating is the highest designation a nonprofit can earn from Charity Navigator, which rates organizations on criteria such as accountability, transparency and financial reporting.


"We are thrilled and honored to receive this news," says Accion Texas President and CEO Janie Barrera. "We work hard to adhere to the very highest professional standards and we are proud of our track record of good stewardship of the funds entrusted to us by private and public sources that ultimately allow us to help small businesses thrive and grow."

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 June 5-7, 2013

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October 14-16, 2013

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Are You Sufficiently Efficient? 


Renowned management consultant Peter Drucker said it best, "Efficiency is doing better what is already being done."


The Nortridge Loan System is designed to help you complete all tasks related to loan servicing more efficiently and effectively.  This issue provides advice and inspiration to help you be more efficient.  Be sure to check out my Hints N' Tips article on how easy it can be to generate meaningful reports. 


If you have questions about any of this information, please feel free to connect with me.

Thank you,
Greg Hindson
President, Nortridge Software
Distracted By Technology and Software Management? 
By Jeff Possehl

What are you good at? What is your business good at?


Too often in business, as in life, spending our valuable time and resources in areas where we have a relatively lower competence and less focus can be frustrating. Doing so also means we are taking our eye off the ball that matters most, growing the business.


This applies to the finance industry. Playing to your strengths, whether they are in loan servicing, loan purchasing, loan origination or a combination thereof, can be a game changer. The fewer distractions a business has, the more time and energy gets devoted to growth.  In this vein, there are a significant number of servicing companies that have chosen to outsource their technology needs and use loan servicing software as a "hosted application." Most have never looked back.


10 iPhone and iPad Apps That Are Guaranteed to Increase Your Productivity   


Excerpt from


Everyone wants to be more productive.


An increased sense of productivity makes us feel more accomplished, organized, and in control. Since our smartphones and tablets are with us at all times, make your experience more productive by checking out these 10 apps.


They'll help keep you on track and help to get more done.



NLS Tips N' Hints from Greg Hindson: Reporting from the Nortridge Loan System

Hindson's Hints icon


When creating reports from data in the Nortridge Loan System, you may find that the exact combination of items you need are not listed in the standard reports. Say, for example, you want a list of loan balances as of a certain date in the past. You would use the Trial Balance, select a Trial Date, and select Effective Balances.


Now you want a more meaningful report. You want to add some user-defined fields that you created during the initial setup. Since user-defined fields are not available in the Excel output of the Trial Balance, you will need to create a custom report. Your staff would need to create the report using SQL Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, or some other tool. Or you could have the consulting group at Nortridge Software create one for you. These options could be time-consuming, but luckily there is a third, more efficient option. 


Read more... 


Coming Soon! 

This summer, the Nortridge team will launch Webinar Wednesdays - a new series of interactive sessions to help you learn more about NLS's capabilities and features.  Topics will include: i
nterest rate options in NLS; using Word to create custom letter and documents in NLS; how to use the report builder; getting the information you need from a report and scheduling reports; and how to use the new borrower portal, just to name few.  Look for your emailed invitation to participate.