This Month's Focus: Enterprise Data Security                          March 2013
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Security Matters!
Loan Servicers: Don't Play Games with Security
6 Ways to Keep Your Data Safe
Hindson's Hints
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Ian Berch talks about the security benefits of the Nortridge Loan System
Ian Berch talks about the security benefits of the Nortridge Loan System


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Pacific Dental Services® Honored by Inc. Magazine as a Leading U.S. Job Creator

Pacific Dental Care  

Company Ranks Fourth in Inaugural Inc. Magazine Hire Power Awards IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Pacific Dental Services® (PDS®) was recently named to the Inc. Hire Power Awards, recognizing the private businesses that have generated the most jobs in the past three years. PDS was ranked 4th on Inc.'s list of the "Top... (read more)

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Security Matters! 

Whenever I'm at a customer site, whether its a prospective customer or a current customer, I often get asked about enterprise security. 
That's why I wanted to focus on enterprise data security in this month's newsletter. We have a variety of subject matter experts within our company and consider data security as one of our core competencies. If you have any questions about any of this information, please feel free to connect with me.
Thank you,
Greg Hindson
President, Nortridge Software

Loan Servicers: Don't Play Games With Security


The year is 1983. David Lightman, a high school junior, is failing biology. Besides being somewhat of a computer prodigy, David is also a class clown, a characteristic that one day lands him in the principal's office. David knows that the grades are already on the school computer and that the principal and his secretary sometimes work on the computer from home, dialing in on the 300 baud modem line.

6 Ways to Keep Your Small Business

Data Safe 

Excerpt from Business News Daily:


The very idea of lost files or a data breach is enough to keep a small business owner up at night. While some security incidents are caused by intentional and malicious acts, countless others are the result of careless mistakes or poor planning.

Monthly NLS Tips N' Hints from Greg Hindson: Adding Loans with Interest-Only Beginning Periods

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Did you know that NLS makes it easy to add a loan that has an interest-only period at the beginning of the loan's life? In other words, that's a loan that switches to interest and principal later in the life of the loan.

Simply go to the Loan Entry screen. Click the button to the right of the origination date to bring up the "Date Parameters" window. At the bottom of this window is a check box option: Start loan with interest only payment.