July 10, 2015

We're so glad you joined us for this issue of The Care Package Project News!

Only one more week until our third pack day of 2015! 
Summer is hot, but it's even hotter for our men and women in uniform deployed to Afghanistan, Africa, Iraq, Kuwait, and Syria. You can help keep them cool at our July 18 pack day. Learn more in our first article.

If you have a friend or family member deployed to a combat zone, you can request we send them a care package.  It's free, easy to request, and open to all branches of the military.

If you're unable to join us in person for a pack day, but still want to contribute in some way, for just $22, you can sponsor a care package. Sponsoring a care package is a quick, easy way to show your support for our troops.

Shipping care packages halfway around the world can get pricey. Even after receiving items to put in care packages and packing the boxes themselves, it still costs thousands of dollars to ship the packages overseas. Learn how you can donate shipping funds in our final piece.

Thank you for joining us for this issue and for your continued support of our brave men and women in uniform.


Semper Fi, Marine Families!


Danielle Lindeman
Outreach Programs Coordinator
MarineParents.com, Inc.
Help Our Troops Beat the Heat This Summer


Summer is hot here in the U.S. It's pushing 90 degrees in some places today. But it's even hotter for American service members deployed to Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and Syria, where summer temperatures regularly surpass 110 degrees. Add combat gear to that equation. You and I can't even imagine what that heat is like, but our combat-deployed service members have to endure it daily.
We'll be packing 300-400 care packages for service members deployed to Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and Syria on Saturday, July 18, and want to include cooling towels and high-electrolyte drink mix tablets for our heroes in each box. Our deployed troops need to know that we're behind them, and we need your help to meet our goal! 


To register for pack day, please click here... 


To learn more about how you can help our troops beat the heat this summer, click here... 


Request a Care Package
Show Your Support, All Branches Welcome 

If you have a loved one deployed overseas, then this is for you.  If you are the family member or friend of a combat deployed serviceman/woman, you can 
request a package to be sent to your loved one. There is no charge; this is a FREE service for deployed service members and their families. 

request a care package for your service member, click here and complete the form. Your service member's overseas mailing address will never be given to a third party. Your name and contact information will never be given to a third party. If we have questions about the address you have provided that we are not able to resolve, a representative will contact you.
The process is fast, simple, and best of all, there's no charge; this is a FREE service for deployed service members and their families. So go ahead, send your loved one a little piece of home, your support will be greatly appreciated.  
Sponsoring Care Packages

$22 Sends a Personalized Care Package Overseas

When you 
sponsor a Care Package, you've made the decision to fund the sending of various comfort items to an American serving in the military in a combat zone far from home. These packages include such items as handwritten cards, hard candies, clothing, easily prepared meals, books, and personal care items. The packages send a personal message to troops overseas: that their efforts are appreciated, that they are not forgotten.

Sponsor a Care Package today, and we will include your name inside a package to be mailed out on our next pack day.     


Click here to learn more...   

Donate Shipping Funds
Your Generosity Directly Benefits Marines

Combat-deployed Marines love receiving our Care Package Project packages almost as much as we love sending them, but the cost of shipping them overseas adds up quickly as each package costs approximately $12 to ship and we ship more than 1,000 packages each year!

This is where you can help. With  your generous donation, you can help us ensure that as many Marines receive care packages as possible.

Remember, a care package is more than just items in a box--it's a reminder of home, a little piece of America, and a tangible reminder of the love and support people across the country have for our troops.

Click here to learn how you can donate shipping funds today!
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Want to Contribute  
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Package Project?

There are endless ways to show your support:
  • Hand-writing "Thank You" cards and letters 
  • Donating needed care package items 
  • Holding an item drive
  • Donating Shipping Funds 
  • Volunteering to help prepare for pack day  
  • Volunteering on pack day   
2015 Saturday Packing Dates 
  • January 24
  • April 18
  • July 18
  • October 31

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Additional Information

If you have questions or need additional information, call our Outreach Programs Coordinator, Danielle Lindeman.

Phone: (573) 449-2003 ext. 309

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