January 22, 2015


I sure hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that your 2015 is off to a great start!


My family was able to leave the bitterly cold temperatures of Missouri and take a trip to Hawaii on our holiday break. While there, we were able to tour the Marine Corps Base, meet many of our Marine's Devil Dog brothers, attend a Luau, play in the sand at many of the beautiful beaches along North Shore of Oahu, take a sunrise hike along the Pillboxes Trail (a beautiful trail that features two abandoned military bunkers in the mountains), enjoy many of our son's favorite restaurants (we went to Cinnamon's for breakfast and Buzz's Steak House for a Screaming' Mai Tai!), and we spent nearly an entire day at Pearl Harbor. It was an amazing memorial filled with history, honor, profound sadness, and extreme patriotism. We must never forget those who fought and died for our freedom that day and in the days and years that followed.  


I know many people tend to make an inventory of things they'd like to accomplish at the start of a new year. If you are one of those individuals, I hope that saying a prayer for our troops and writing letters to our wounded, ill, and injured heroes remains an item on your "to-do" list. The support and encouragement you provide is immeasurable.  


Thank you!


Take good care,


Angie Regan

Volunteer Manager
Operation Prayer and Letters™
MarineParents.com, Inc.
Participant Update: Sgt. Rob

Sergeant Rob had another extensive surgery early last month. Robs' wife, Megan, gave us the following report:  

"The surgery it went as well, as the doctor had predicted. They had to put an x-fix on Rob's leg while they removed the FitBone nail. (Unfortunately we weren't able to keep the device as the German company wanted it back to do "testing" on it...oh well.) Once the nail was removed they broke the femur and made a carefully calculated "pizza pie" cut to remove a small piece of bone. This was done as a corrective procedure since the last nail moved during the stretching process. Next they implanted the new device. They then had to grow the new device out about 25mm in the operating room, which took approximately 3 hours to complete. They grew out the nail so that the smaller/slimmer section of the nail was visible for them to place three anchor screws along side the rod. These screws will help secure the device so that it doesn't shift again during the stretching process. They then removed the x-fix and sewed him up."

Rob is the first person to get this new device implanted as it was just FDA approved.  


Unfortunately, in the last few days, Rob has developed an infection in the incision. Megan asks that we "Please pray that they are able to fight off this infection. We will not let this get us down. With any "risky" and innovative surgery there are almost always going to be obstacles, this just happens to be one of ours. Thank you for your continued support! "

To learn more about Sergeant Rob's story, please click here...  

Participant Update: HM2 Anthony

Anthony's Wife, Ivonne, says "look how happy he is to have his "bad-ass" koat."

Exciting news for Anthony just in time for the chilly temperatures!  


Anthony was the fourth-ever wounded hero to receive this custom made adaptive KoolKoat thanks to the generous donations of others.


This wonderful coat was specially made just for Anthony and his specific needs.   Now he will be toasty warm on those cool nights while watching his son's baseball games!


Congratulations Anthony! 


To learn more about HM2 Anthony's story, please click here...  

Card Writer Spotlight: 

This poem came to us from an Operation Prayers & Letters™ supporter who wanted to honor the members of our military who do not make it home to their loved ones.  He was inspired to write these thoughtful words after church one Sunday.


Soldier's Last Thoughts

I am your servant

In this sticky, wet sand

My very last breath

In this far away land


Mom, Dad, and Sister at home

You keep your freedom

For I am not alone


God and Country are with me

In this last bit of fight

Rest easy, rest easy

I'm heading into the light

John Lumb


Mission Statement & Thank You

The mission of Operation Prayers and Letters™ is to provide support to wounded, ill, and injured troops through prayers and letters written by people in communities throughout the United States.

Thank you so very much for keeping our wounded, ill, and injured service members in your thoughts when you write and pray. Your kindness is most appreciated!
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We welcome photos and stories from all our Operation Prayers and Letters writers. Thank you for all the love, support, and encouragement you send to the wounded, ill, and injured participants! You truly are making a difference.

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