October 16, 2014


"Happy Alive Day" is a phrase I had never heard before until I became a part of the Operation Prayers & Letters™ team. I have found that many families of the wounded and injured, as well as the warriors themselves, embrace celebrating the successes, big or small, in the recovery process. "Alive Day" marks the anniversary of "The Day" that changed everything and their "normal" was turned upside down. For many wounded and injured warriors, each day after "The Day" has been nothing short of a miracle.


Each day, I am absolutely astounded at the strength and will to survive these wounded and injured heroes possess, as well as the amazing amount of courage and fierce determination their loved ones show in the face of the daily challenges they experience as caregivers.  


Sending a note or a letter of encouragement to the participants of Operation Prayers & Letters may seem like a small gesture to make, but these letters combine to show an enormous demonstration of love and support to those who need it most.    


Keep writing and praying.


God Bless!


Angie Regan

Volunteer Manager
Operation Prayer and Letters™
MarineParents.com, Inc.
Participant Highlight: CPL Craig
Incredible Moments
CPL Craig with Mom at the VA for a check-up.
Corporal Craig's Mom was kind enough to share an update on his progress. She  writes:

"For only the second time since he was shot, Craig tried to reach for something!!!! He tried so hard to reach for one of his guitars!! I handed it to him (a big old electric acoustic job) and you should have seen how he pushed himself to try. He turned so red, his right arm was shaking like a leaf (he has intention tremors just like Parkinson's), and he was huffing and puffing. Honestly, he looked furious that he couldn't just start jamming out, so I said, "Hey, you got shot in the head with an AK47, what do you want? You're a miracle just holding that thing!" And you know what? He picked his head up and looked me right in the eye with just the total expression of "I did? I am?" It was incredible. A lot of the time, Craig seems to be in a kind of daze and it's really hard to know how much he's aware or "himself." But then there are these incredible moments when he is soooo present and aware it's unnerving. This kid is just one tough dude...head to heel, a rod of steel. All Marine, he doesn't know anything else except to never quit!"
For more on CPL Craig's story, please click here.
Participant Highlight: SGT Rob
Amazing Strength, Determination, and Healing!

Sgt. Rob was recently cast for a custom sled-hockey bucket that will fit "like a glove" once completed.

Sergeant Rob celebrated his "Alive Day" earlier this month! It has been two years since SGT Rob's injury and since that time, he as shown amazing determination to overcome all challenges that have come his way. Rob has re-learned things he never had to think twice about doing before such as walking, driving, swimming, and snowboarding. He has learned to participate and enjoy new adapted activities such as sled-hockey, wheelchair rugby, bi-ski & mono-ski, Crossfit, and hand-cycling.


Rob is still working on the femur-lengthening process in his left leg. This process will hopefully result in finding a good prosthetic fit that will make walking easier. Unfortunately, the next phase has been postponed to allow time for the new device to be approved by the FDA.   Although both Rob and his wife, Megan, are anxious to continue with the surgery, the extra time allows Rob to participate in his favorite activity, sled hockey, which Megan says makes him very happy!


Be happy SGT Rob.  Happy 2nd Alive Day!


To visit SGT. Rob's page, please click here... 

Mail Call:
Veteran's Day is November 11, 2014.   

A patriotic drawing from an elementary student.
 Veterans Day gives each of us an opportunity  to thank all living veterans for their dedication and loyal service to our country, as well as a chance to show how deeply we appreciate the sacrifices they have made in their lives to keep our country free.
Please sit aside some time this month to write a special card or letter thanking the active participants of Operation Prayers & Letters for all they have given for their country.  
Send your correspondence to:
       Operation Prayers & Letters
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The Operation Prayers & Letters volunteers will make sure your letters are sent in November's mail campaign.
Thank you!
Mission Statement & Thank You

The mission of Operation Prayers and Letters™ is to provide support to wounded, ill, and injured troops through prayers and letters written by people in communities throughout the United States.

Thank you so very much for keeping our wounded, ill, and injured service members in your thoughts when you write and pray. Your kindness is most appreciated!
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