July 2, 2014


Want to learn how you can help support Marines? Read our first article to find out how!

Please remember our warriors, they are the ones that fought for our Independence Day, giving us something to celebrate.  Please be courteous with fireworks. 

Summer is here and that means we're getting ready for our July pack day. Read 
our second article to learn how you can become involved.

Each month, Marine Parents provides a variety of outreach services to individuals and organizations around the country.  See what we've done recently in our second article.

Marine Parents is launching a new outreach program in just a few weeks.  Learn more in our third article.

Finally, we take a look at this week's Team Marine Parents™ featured participant--Craig VanMetre.

God bless and Semper Fi!





Tracy Della Vecchia

Founder and Executive Director
MarineParents.com, Inc.
Support Our Troops: It's Our Mission and YOU Can Help
Get Involved Today!

The mission of MarineParents.com is two-fold: to support our Marines and their family members, and to provide opportunities for the public to support the troops.

We'd like to take this opportunity to highlight some upcoming events that you can get involved in today!
  •  July 19, 2014 Packing Day for The Care Package Project™ 


    Over the last month we've been attempting to raise $10,000 to send cooling towels and high-electrolyte drink tablets to Marines deployed to Afghanistan.  We're happy to announce that as of July 1, we've met our goal!

    Click here to learn more...   

  • Marine Corps Marathon Bibs Are Still Available!  
    At this time, Team Marine Parents still has 23 bibs available for the 2014 Marine Corps Marathon. Each bib costs $110 and requires you to join Team Marine Parents and pledge to raise $500 for the Marine Parents outreach program of your choice (one of the smallest minimum fundraising requirements among all Marine Corps Marathon charity partners). 

    Click here to learn more...

  • Gold Star Luminary Initiative

    Sunday, September 28, 2014 is Gold Star Family Day, a day to honor the memory of our fallen heroes and the sacrifices they and their family members have made in service to our country.  

    Click here to learn more... 



In addition to the events mentioned above, there are numerous ways to become involved in supporting the Marine Parents mission.  Whether it's donating to a campaign, sending prayers and letters to wounded, ill, and injured troops, or volunteering in person, visit our website to learn how YOU can help today!


Click here to learn more... 

Outreach in Action
See What Your Donations Do!

Each month, Marine Parents provides a number of outreach services for groups and individuals around the country.  We'd like to take this opportunity to highlight a few of the events we've provided outreach services for recently.
  • NWS Yorktown Reunion    

    David Greene, coordinator of an upcoming reunion at
    NWS (Naval Weapons Station) Yorktown, near Hampton Roads Virginia, recently contacted us to see if we could help make this reunion a success and of course we said yes!    
    Click here to learn more...    

  • Piece Makers Join Warrior Support Team                                     
    Those of you who are regular readers may remember being introduced to the "Piece Maker" women of the Spice of Life sewing program last spring.  On June 12, Marine Parents Founder Tracy Della Vecchia, Outreach Programs Coordinator Candice Fields, and Marine Nate Hendren went to meet with the Spice of Life ladies to thank them for their unwavering dedication to supporting our Marines.

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Wounded, Ill, and Injured Warrior Support Team™ Focus

MarineParents.com, Inc.™ believes that the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of ensuring that the brave men and women who have borne arms for our country are cared for and supported in an adequate manner upon their return to America and reintegration into civilian society. With that in mind, Marine Parents is excited to announce the launch of our Wounded, Ill, and Injured Warrior Support Team.

The Wounded, Ill, and Injured Warrior Support Team strives to provide resources, support, fellowship, and social events to wounded, ill, and injured troops and veterans, including those living with combat operational stress and/or post-traumatic stress, as well as to provide resources and support to caregivers and family members.


We will officially be launching the Wounded, Ill, and Injured Warrior Support Team on July 19 at our Care Package Project pack day and in future issues of this newsletter we will be using this space to keep you up to date on the latest news with the Warrior Support Team.  We look forward to beginning this new journey together!

Click here to learn more...   

Get to Know the Team
TMP Featured Participants: Craig VanMetre

Team Marine Parents™ (TMP) is a group of individuals, generally parents, family, and friends of Marines, who participate in athletic events nationwide to support our troops.  The mission is to raise funds and awareness of the organization's outreach programs. Currently, there are over 50 members of Team Marine Parents™ around the country.

Craig's father (left) fought in Korea and retired as a Captain while his son (right) completed recruit training earlier this year.
This month's TMP featured participant is both a Marine father and Marine son from Illinois--Craig VanMetre. 

Craig is running in the 39th annual Marine Corps Marathon this October in what will be his first marathon in support of the outreach programs of MarineParents.com and is finishing for "Moose" and Nate. 

He is very excited  says that, "no doubt my pride has outstripped my stamina but it's that pride that will have me out running on the Illinois trails this summer. Being a marathon-newbie, just finishing makes it a personal best."

To read more about Craig VanMetre, or to contribute to his campaign, please click here..
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