March 20, 2014



We've made a few cosmetic changes to the Operation Prayers and Letters™ newsletter; it's a bit like spring cleaning, so what an appropriate month to reveal the fresh new look! March 20th marks the official first day of spring and I, for one, think it's long overdue. Here in Columbia, Missouri we've had days go from 60 degrees and sunny to snow flurries and below-freezing temperatures in a matter of hours. UGH! However, I'm sure it won't be long until the earth awakens from it's long winter's nap and we'll be walking barefoot in the soft green grass dotted with the bright yellow faces of dandelion flowers, longing for a cool breeze...


No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.  ~Proverb 


God Bless.


Angie Regan

Volunteer Manager
Operation PAL™, Inc.
Card Writer Focus:
Students Who Care

A few of the cards from Mrs. Kathy's students.
We would like to share an excerpt from a letter we received from Mrs. Kathy, a teacher at St. James the Apostle School in Springfield, NJ: 

"Last week was our Catholic Schools Week and during this week we do different things each day. This year, we decided to do something for those in the military... My son recently became a Marine. He is PFC Phillip. He graduated in May, 2013 from Parris Island, South Carolina. We decided to write letters and cards to military members, and we also came across a particular story that caught our eye. That story was about Corporal Craig, 1/7 Charlie Co., USMC. We decided that some of the students would write letters to him in particular to show that we are thinking of him and support of him."

Mrs. Kathy and her students didn't send just ONE envelope, we received several large envelopes for Cpl Craig as well as several large envelopes for the rest of our wounded, ill, and injured participants.    

If you are a teacher or know a teacher who may be interested in involving their students in a class project, please click here to visit our website for more information.
Participant Highlight:
SSgt Rob

SSG Rob during a sled hockey game.
SSgt Rob and the rest of the USA Warriors Sled Hockey team finished up their league season after a four game series in New Hampshire earlier this month. They had shutout wins in three of the games, and scored with just 1.7 seconds left on the clock to salvage a 2-2 tie in the fourth. The Warriors placed fourth overall in the league and even though the season is over, the team has continued to practice in preparation of next season, and Rob loves being on the ice! Rob's wife, Megan, even tried her skills on a sled at a recent practice. She said it's quite the upper body work out!  

We have more exciting news about SSgt Rob--all the necessary paperwork is in place to move forward with a surgery to implant a device called a "Fitbone" to lengthen his femur. Rob and Megan know of another patient who underwent the procedure successfully and has already gained 3 inches in his femur, with the doctors working on growing it even more. Both Rob and Megan have great confidence in their doctor, as he has an extensive background in limb-lengthening. Let's keep Rob and Megan in our thoughts and prayers this next month. We'd like to offer our best wishes for a successful surgical procedure and steady recovery so Rob can return to the ice again next season!
For more information about SSgt Rob's story, or to check on his progress, please click here.
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A handmade
card from a
faithful writer.
The Operation Prayers and Letters™ Post Office Box continues to overflow with envelopes of all shapes and sizes, and for that we are forever grateful! Because of you, our volunteer writers, we are able to send a package completely full of cards and letters each month to all twenty-five of our active participants. These cards and letters mean so much during the recovery process, not only for the wounded, ill, and injured troops, but for their families as well. The boost in morale they provide is amazing! 

The Marine Parents organization is able to send this incredible amount of mail each month due to generous donations, as well as through fundraising efforts from Team Marine Parents™. The need for funds to pay postage and purchase supplies is ever-present. If you would like to help keep these precious funds available, please click here to make a donation in support of Operation PAL™.
Mission Statement & Thank You

The mission of Operation Prayers and Letters™ is to provide support to wounded, ill, and injured troops through prayers and letters written by people in communities throughout the United States.

Thank you so very much for keeping our wounded, ill, and injured service members in your thoughts when you write and pray. Your kindness is most appreciated!
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We welcome photos and stories from all our Operation PAL™ writers. Thank you for all the love, support, and encouragement you send to the wounded participants!  You truly are making a difference. 

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