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June 20, 2013 
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Recent Changes
Added: SSgt Robert
Added: SSgt Charles
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 Card Writer Focus

semper fi family platoon

These beautifully hand-made cards were sent by the Semper Fi Family Platoon.    

Send your cards & letters

P.O. Box 758
Columbia, Missouri  65205 
If you have a specific participant you are writing, please feel free to address cards or letters to them. 
 For example: 

SSgt Charles
c/o OperationPAL™
P.O. Box 785
Columbia, Missouri 65205

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 battered box


Hello Everyone!


Before I started on my OPPAL volunteer work today, I stepped out on the front porch to find a parcel left by our rural mail carrier. I quickly noted that it was addressed to me from our Marine and, from the look of the box, it was obvious it had traveled quite some distance to get here.  


After a brief feeling of excitement, I was filled with dread wondering what on earth he had sent home--was it valuable and was it still in one piece? I shook the package slightly and heard a bit of a rattle. "Oh, shoot" I groaned as I brought it inside to open and inspect the contents.


I was pleasantly surprised to find Zach's brand new U.S. Marine Corps enlisted dress cap in EXCELLENT shape. True to the tag attached to the bag, these accessories are coated with a "combat hardened" finish which has passed rigorous testing for durability and scratch resistance, strong enough for the toughest forces in the military!  Feeling very grateful, I kind of chuckled to myself and started to go about the task at hand for Operation Prayers and Letters.


Then it struck me...


The men and women of our military are rigorously trained and tested to stand up to the toughest situations while defending our nation, but sometimes they are bandaged up, terribly battered and worn on the outside, and transported home to their mothers, fathers, spouses or other family from some place overseas. 


I wondered what kind of panic, heartache, and feelings of fear and uncertainty must be aroused by a parent or spouse's first glimpse of their loved one arriving home from war wounded-a family member whom they love deeply, would protect fiercely, silently worry about, and are incredibly proud of.   


But their loved ones are warriors.  Even though they may come home physically damaged, the resilient heart of a warrior lies within. They are filled with the determination and drive instilled in them during their training.  They prove they are SURVIVORS, still very much here with us.


And I, for one, am forever thankful.







Angie Regan, Manager

Operation PAL

MarineParents.com, Inc.

Participant Highlight:   Pvt. Mike


Pvt. Mike was added to the program in December of 2012 after a terrible car crash left him with a traumatic brain injury. Pvt. Mike graduated from bootcamp and became a United States Marine only days before the accident.   


His progress has been slow but steady, and we are pleased to report that Mike is now able to walk with the assistance of a walker and his speech is getting better!  Mike's mother and father (Kathleen and David) told us that Mike received the last package of mail we sent and went through each card and letter one by one.  They are so grateful for the love and support everyone has shown.  Continue to get better Pvt. Mike!  We're rootin' for you!

Writer Question


The question we hear most often from OPPAL volunteer writers is:  "What do I say?" 

To help answer this question, we thought it might be helpful to provide some examples of what others have written recently, as we firmly believe anything heartfelt will be well received:
  • "I want to say how much I appreciate your military service to our country.  I'm so sorry for the injuries you have suffered and pray for your healing."
  • "Thank you for the sacrifice you and your family have made to our country.  Wishing you continued healing."
  • "Thank you for helping us be free.  We are sorry you got hurt.  We hope you are feeling better.   We're thinking of you.  Here is a smile from us to you."  (Lauren, age 7)
  • "You are loved!"
  • "Sending lots of love and prayers your way."

Other material you could include:

  • an inspirational quote
  • a personal story
  • a cartoon clipping 
  • a coloring page from a young person in your family

Regardless of what you say, the message that you care enough to reach out to offer support and encouragement to someone who really needs it will come through loud and clear.

Thank you for writing!


Mission Statement &Thank You 


OperationPAL provides support -- through prayers and letters from the general public -- to military members who have been injured or become ill while serving in combat zones. This outreach program encourages support of our wounded heroes in communities throughout the United States.


Thank you so very much for remembering our wounded and ill when you write and pray. Your kindness is most appreciated!