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October 24, 2012

If this is the first edition of the Marine Parents newsletter you have received, WELCOME! If you are a returning reader we are glad you have joined us and are thankful for your support.

In this issue
Last Saturday was Pack Day at the Marine Parents Corporate Office. In this issue, we briefly describe what happened and who was there to help. Please sign up for our Care Package Project Newsletter to read a more detailed account.

The Tricare program provides health insurance to almost 10 million active and former members of the U.S. military. In this issue you will find new information about changes to this program to take effect Jan. 1, 2013.

Marine Parents began a program in 2009 to take injured service members to Knott's Berry Farm in Anaheim, CA. This trip provides a break for these troops during their difficult recoveries. This program has grown now to the point where 350 troops and family members from bases across Southern California will attend.

We also have information on members of Team Marine Parents participating in the 37th annual Marine Corps Marathon this Sunday, and a story about a soldier in Afghanistan working closely with an unusual partner to complete his mission.

I hope you enjoy this issue of our newsletter and will forward it to folks you know that will benefit from the articles but may not be registered to receive it.

God bless and Semper Fi!
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Tracy Della Vecchia

Founder and Executive Director, Inc.
New High for Knott's Outing
Troops and families to get welcome break

On November 7, Marine Parents will take 350 people, all injured troops and their family members, on a trip. Injured troops from Wounded Warrior Battalion/Detachments in  Camp Pendleton, Balboa,and Twentynine Palms will get a brief respite in their difficult recoveries and enjoy time outside the hospital with their spouses and children. 


The unexpectedly large turnout for this event means that we will need to rent out seven handicapped accessible buses, and provide food and drink for a crowd about seven times larger than those in the past.


We ask you to please give what you can to help make this event a reality.


Click here for more information... 


Click here to donate... 

Pack Day last Saturday
558 Marine Corps Birthday packages sent

Last Saturday, 82 volunteers from 6 states gathered at Marine Parents Headquarters in Columbia, MO to send Care Packages to Marines serving in Afghanistan. Each package contained hand-written notes of thanks from Americans back home. Packages also contained turkey dinners, T-shirts, and hats donated to the CarePackageProject outreach program at MarineParents.


We would like to give a big Thank You to everyone who helped to make Pack Day a success.   

A Marine and his dog
Meet Crank, IED detection dog

Hundreds of specially trained IED detection dogs (IDD's) have been deployed by the USMC to Afghanistan over the last 5 years. The dogs have been shown to be more effective in the field than even the most high-tech man-made detectors, at much lower cost. Labrador retrievers are typically used in the program, due to their good nature and keen sense of smell. The dogs are given a rank one step higher than that of their handlers, to reinforce the notion that they need to be treated with respect.

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Tricare insurance changes on tap
Payment by mail to end in 2013
The Tricare government health insurance program is set to stop accepting premium payments by mail next year. Beneficiaries enrolled in either Tricare Reserve Select (TRS) or Tricare Retired Reserve (TRR) health plans will need to switch to an electronic form of premium payment before Jan. 1, 2013.

TRR individual and family monthly premiums will go down in 2013, as will premiums for individuals in TRS. For families enrolled in TRS, premiums will rise by approximately 2%. Individuals covered under TRS will pay $51.62/mo., while families in this plan will pay $195.81/mo. Individuals covered under TRR will pay $402.11/mo., while families in this plan will pay $969.10/mo.

The Tricare program provides health coverage to 9.7 million active and former members of the uniformed services and their families.

Click here to
MCM runners ready to go
Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C.
Both the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) and the MCM 10K Sunday, October 29 in Arlington VA are SOLD OUT. But, if you aren't running, you can still support members of Team Marine Parents, who are running 26.2 long and painful miles this weekend to raise money for MarineParents outreach programs.

Larry Tanner has 2 sons who have served in the USMC. He and his oldest son Zack will be out on the streets of Washington this Sunday running the Marathon, to raise money for the Care Package Project.

Click here to support Larry and Zack...

Team Marine Parents also has two participants in the MCM 10K this year. Barbara Gemmell is an outreach program manager at Marine Parents, and is running to raise money for Operation Prayers And Letters. Rachel Channels will also be running the 10K, in support of the Care Package Project.


We hope this week's edition of our email newsletter has been useful for you and your family. If there are topics you would like us to address, or if you have other suggestions for the newsletter, please contact us.  


The banner photo is a Marine Corps photo taken 9/11/2012 By Cpl. Christopher Duncan.
A troop formation from 1st Marine Division lined Rivera Drive in Temecula as Cpl. Juan Dominguez, who is a triple amputee due to injuries sustained during a deployment to Afghanistan, arrived at his new smart home, Sept. 11
, 2012.  

IDD's: The photo accompanying the story about bomb-sniffing dogs was taken by Cpl. Alfred V. Lopez on 2/16/12. U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Brandon Mann, a dog handler with Alpha Company, 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, and native of Arlington, Texas, sights in with his infantry automatic rifle while providing security with Ty, an improvised explosive device detection dog, during a patrol here, Feb. 16. Marines and sailors with 1st LAR and India Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, conducted clearing and disrupting operations in and around the villages of Sre Kala and Paygel during Operation Highland Thunder. Marines with 1st LAR led the operation on foot, sweeping for enemy weapons and drug caches through 324 square kilometers of rough, previously unoccupied desert and marshland terrain. Mobile units with1st LAR set up blocking positions and vehicle check points while India Company, 3/3 conducted helicopter inserts to disrupt insurgent freedom of movement., Inc., is a 501(c)(3) public charity., Inc., was founded in January 2003 in response to parents' needs to find information and to have "a place to connect and share" with one another during their Marine's career. Our free online services and connections have expanded to support and educate Marine moms and dads, spouses, families and friends. We've helped 400,000 Marine and recruit families during boot camp, training, active duty and deployments. We've shipped more than 34,000 care packages overseas to our Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan, sent 60,000 prayers and letters to injured Marines and served thousands of meals to wounded heroes and their families on the East and West coasts. You've found "a place to connect and share."