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The Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon and Northwest Medical Center 5k
  • Five Pre- and Post-Run Stretches
  • Pre Race Yoga Stretch with Yogi Torry Postal
  • Tips From our Medical Director, Dr. William Prickett

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    It's Event Week in Oro Valley - Save Money and Register by Midnight on March 21st!
    Here are your Final Instructions for the ULTIMATE Southwest Running and Walking Celebration.
    March 19, 2013

    08 AZ Medals Greetings!

    Welcome to Event Week for the 9th Annual Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon and 5k Presented by Northwest Medical Center. Registration is filling fast and our team is ready to CELEBRATE you and your commitment to the healthy active lifestyle.

    This email contains your FINAL INSTRUCTIONS for Race Week.

    You must be registered by Thursday Night, March 21st to avoid the final registration price increase. Save money and make sure you don't get closed out of the event. Register Now!

    You are receiving this email as you are already registered or we thought you might like to be part of the ultimate boutique running and walking celebration. You may confirm your registration here.


    Packet Pickup: Your gender specific race shirt, bib, timing chip, event guide and race bag are located at All About Running and Walking in Oro Valley on Friday March 22nd and Saturday March 23rd. Hours: 10:00am-5:00pm on Friday; 8:00am-5:00pm on Saturday. All About Running and Walking is located at 12162 N. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. #140, Oro Valley, AZ 85755. For more information you can reach John and his team at (520) 469-7084 or via email

    We STRONGLY recommend getting your race packet on Friday or Saturday. If you cannot, there will be limited packet pickup on race morning from 5:00am-6:00am at Ventana Medical Systems (at the event Start/Finish site).

    Hilton VIP Packet Pickup: If you are staying at the Hilton El Conquistador Resort, your race shirt, Official VIP jacket, 2 VIP wristbands, bib with chip will be delivered to the hotel check in desk by 3pm on Friday March 22nd. We will have additional materials at All About Running and Walking if you are missing anything or you need to exchange sizes.

    Parking: There is close and ample parking in the West lots at Ventana Medical Systems at 1910 Innovation Park Drive located at the start/finish area. Please make sure to give yourself extra travel time as you are parking at the same time as thousands of your fellow participants. To get to the event and parking lot:

    From Tucson: Take Oracle Road to Tangerine Road and turn west. Proceed 1 mile to Innovation Park Drive and turn north to parking.

    From Interstate 10: Take the Tangerine Road Exit and turn east. Proceed approximately 13 miles to Innovation Park Drive and turn north to parking.

    Timing: Get there early! The Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon will start at 7:00am; the 5k will start at 7:15. The Oro Valley Kids Fun Run Starts at 10am and the Champions Mile Starts at 10:30am.

    Course Information: The half marathon course is open and fully supported for 4 hours. The balloon team will make sure that no one finishes last. We do ask that you keep on that pace. If you are not on that pace you will be asked to accept a ride to a point on the course that will allow you to finish in 4 hours.

    Course Maps: Here is a link to the course maps.

    Aid Stations: There are seven (7) Aid stations on the Half Marathon course at miles 2.0, 3.8 4.8, 6.6, 8.4, 10.4 and 11.9. They will all feature water and GU Brew. Mile 6.6 will also have Cliff Shot Gel. The Quarter Marathon Course will have 2 Aid Stations and the 5K will have one aid station at mile 2.0.

    Please Note - We are running and walking in an amazing residential community and we want to leave it cleaner than we found it so we would ask that you please discard your Cliff Shot Packets and water cups in the trash containers provided.

    Post Race Celebration: This year will be the biggest and best post race celebration expo yet. Vendors, Partners and Running Clubs from all over will be there to celebrate you at the Finish line. New This Year - Food Trucks! Participants and their supporting fans can grab a delicious bite, a protein smoothie, or even a salad right at the race this year! Kadooks! Costa Rican Fusion Food Trucks, Blackwatch Restaurant Services, and Fruit Shack Smoothies & Yogurt will be joining us!

    Facebook: Make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for important race information and updates as we approach race weekend.

    Yoga Alive Five Pre- and Post-Run Stretches
    By Torrey Postal and Alive Fitness and Training Center, Oro Valley.

    The repetitive forward motion of running can lead to tight hip flexors (front of hips), hamstrings (back of thighs) and iliotibial band that runs along the outside of the hip, thigh and knee. This tightness has the potential to cause low back tension and pain as well as knee pain.

    Try these five poses (photos are on website) as both a pre and post-run stretch to open these commonly tight areas of the body.

    1.Lunge - Stretches the hip flexors and calf of the back leg and strengthens the muscles supporting the front knee. Make sure the front knee is directly over the ankle; come onto fingertips to lengthen the front of the body and press through the back heel. Hold for 10-15 seconds.

    2.Low Lunge - is a deeper stretch of the hip flexors. Remember to breathe slowly and deeply with an emphasis on long exhales as the hips sink forward and down. Padding under the back knee can make this pose more comfortable. Hold for 10-15 seconds.

    3.Half Split - stretches the hamstrings. From Low Lunge straighten the front leg and move the hips over the back knee. Evenly push both "sitz bones" back. Now flex the front foot and lengthen the front of the body, pulling the sternum forward. Hold for 10-15 seconds.

    4.Reclined Twist - releases the back and stretches the outer hip, gluteals, thigh and knee. You may use a strap around the ball of the top foot or bend the top knee. Look over the opposite shoulder. Hold for 30 seconds.

    5.Hug the knees and rock side to side.

    Pre Race Yoga Stretch with Yogi Torry Postal
    6:00am - Stretch, Center and Run in Peace

    Renowned Tucson-based yogi Torrey Postal, from Alive Fitness will lead a pre-run stretch and centering exercise before this year's event. Torrey's eclectic, slow flow methods weave the body, breath and mind in the dance of yoga to promote awareness, strength, flexibility, and relaxation. She strives to help students achieve a sense of well-being in a nurturing, informal environment. Whether you're a Yoga practitioner who loves to run, a runner who needs a precise and peaceful stretch, or just a curious participant: please arrive a little early and join us for this incredibly beneficial and fun pre-race exercise.

    Dr. Prickett Tips From our Medical Director, Dr. William Prickett
    Common Running Myths

    Dr. Prickett, M.D., is the Medical Director for The Arizona Distance Classic. Dr. Prickett has been authoring articles to help get you to the starting line safely. Here is Dr. Prickett's article for this week:

    Common Running Myths:

    1. Running barefoot prevents injuries:

    There is no evidence to support barefoot running as being safer than running with shoes. Use common sense - if you have shoes and you have not experienced an injury - keep them.

    2. A cool down run is mandatory:

    This is not absolutely necessary. It may help you return to your pre-injury metabolic state faster but without the cool down run your body will naturally do this on its own. You should adjust your technique to match a predetermined gait/posture. Research suggests that the body will self optimize movement to be maximally efficient. This is in regards to posture, stride length & frequency and foot position at impact.

    3. Strength training is bad:

    Strength training will help your muscles be more powerful and you will not experience a loss of flexibility. Strength training also helps improve bone density in the upper extremities that are neglected with running. Core strength involves the utilization of trunk muscles that are just as active doing squats and deadlifts as they are on any commercial stability ball.

    Read the rest of the article here.

    The Northwest Medical Center is proud to be the Presenting Partner of the Arizona Distance Classic and proud to provide the medical support for the event.

    We can't wait to see YOU at the Celebration!
    I love event week in Oro Valley. Lots of great things to see, do and eat. I always look forward to seeing thousands of repeat participants that make the journey to the start line every year as well as all of our first timers. New this year we have an Event Guide published by the Explorer, the Champion's One Mile Walk led by our Honorary Race Director Vice Mayor Waters and a big party at the finish line to Celebrate You! This event has become the ultimate boutique running and walking experience and the ultimate destination running and walking CELEBRATION of the active healthy lifestyle. See you on Sunday morning.

    Get Fit. Stay Fit. Live Fit.


    David Babner, Race Director