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Health Happenings
New Ways to Stay Active, TV Viewing Info,  Beverage Facts
February Partner Spotlight
LLCHD 5-4-3-2-1 GO!�
Making Families Healthier
The Lincoln Lancaster County Health Dept. program, 5-4-3-2-1 GO!� , represents a health action that has been shown to decrease the risk for obesity and other health issues such as heart disease and diabetes.
The program recommends 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, 4 servings of water, 3 servings of low-fat dairy, 2 hours or less of screen time, and 1 or more hours of physical activity.  Read more about how this program works with community partners to help make Lincoln's families healthier.
February Partner Spotlight
Positivity Matters

Community Wellness Through
Positive Social Change
Positivity Matters believes that if people have a better understanding of their own strengths and the strengths of others, the community will thrive.
To coincide with the International Day of Happiness, celebrated annually on March 20th, Positivity Matters is hosting a Lincoln Celebration on the same day, planning an afternoon to fire your imagination and inspire using your strengths for positive change.
Free and open to the public.  Everyone welcome.  Register here.    Read more.
Catch us on MeTV and KOLN/KGIN 
PHL on CBS Healthy Everyday; Mom's Everyday
Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln on  Healthy Everyday AM Program
Watch for Special Announcement 
On March 9, look for an interview with PHL Director Bob Rauner on the local CBS channels, KOLN/KGIN 10/11, about our NEW collaborative effort - a county-wide initiative to improve the health of our community. 
Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln on  Mom's Everyday 
Did you know that kids eat and drink what they watch?  Look for  PHL Director Bob Rauner being interviewed on Mom's Everyday about the effect of "screen time" on children's eating habits.  Catch his interview on MeTV Fri., Febr. 20 and Fri., March 4, as well as Sat., March 5 on KOLN/KGIN.
Get Them at
Healthy Beverage One Page Guide, Posters
 Finding Balance
Balancing our caloric intake with our activities is always a challenge. 


Ever wonder what it takes for you or your family to burn off the calories in your favorite  beverages like soda, energy, sports, or fruit flavored drinks?  Find out easily on our Beverage Facts web page. 


You can also download a fact sheet for yourself, or flyers and posters for your organization on the Beverage Facts page.



Contact us to pick up printed posters. Available in 3 sizes! View one.

Get Up and Go!
Unique Ideas for Staying Active
Outdoor Fun - Something New!
Ever thought about winter running, trying out the new game sensation, Pickleball, or picking up a bow and arrow?  Learn about these fun ways to Get up and Go on 10 Health TV's video series.  Watch now.
Check Out 10 Health's TV's "5 on 10"
New video series highlights 5 great events each month
Get Ideas of Fun Things To Do
Want a quick and easy way to find out some fun wellness and fitness events you can take advantage of each month? 
Visit the 10 Health TV Facebook page and get the lowdown with their new video series. "5 on 10" - featuring  a preview of 5 highlighted events.  Watch hereCheck the 10 Health TV monthly calendar for all the great health, wellness, and fitness happenings in the city each month.

Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health, wellness, and fitness of Lincoln's children, families, and seniors.  

We work to improve wellness policies, conduct community level health research, and collaborate with community partners to promote healthy food and beverage choices, increase fitness, and decrease obesity related chronic diseases.
Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln
4600 Valley Road Ste. 250     Lincoln, NE 68510
Phone: (402) 483-4800     Fax: (402) 483-4802