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Grade Smarter Blended Professional Development Opportunity!
Based on regional feedback, the 
Regional Blended Learning Series is continuing this year, with a partnership between BOCES, New York State ASCD, and ASCD National.  Myron Dueck, author of 
Grading Smarter, Not Harder will work  with regional educators on 
March 10, 2016.
During this blended session, educators will explore a number of
topics including: the purpose and implications of grading, what homework is (and what it could be), and whether there is a place for a zero in student grades.  Myron will also work with attendees to strengthen their grading practices in order to best benefit learners.
Along with working virtually with Myron, attendees will work with each other, and an in-person facilitator, to help make the best practices explored a reality when returning to the school building or district office.

Locations and registration coming soon.

November 2015 
Dear Colleagues,

Fall has arrived and we have turned the corner into cooler weather.  In this issue we discuss technology from two perspectives; one teaching and learning, and the other progress monitoring and reporting. We hope you find them helpful sources of new information.
We continue to provide updated information and vetted resources to help support you in your work. With a focus on New York, we also keep you connected with national issues. We invite you to let us know areas you are interested in having us cover. 

With best wishes for a festive Thanksgiving,
Valerie and Jill

21st Century Learning & the Role of Technology
        We, at Rockland BOCES, continue to focus on assisting teachers with 21st century skills and a creating student-centered classrooms. Although the New York State Teaching Standards and the New York State Education Department's approved rubrics depict a highly-effective classroom as a student-centered learning classroom, teachers struggle with the concept. Why?  No one ever taught them how. When asking teachers how they integrate technology and 21st century skills in the classroom, the response is most always, that they use a Smartboard. Using a Smartboard, or a Word document, or any other technology tool in its basic form is not what we are talking about here. We are talking about higher level pedagogical work using these tools. In other words typing a document in Word does not constitute 21st century learning or technology integration.
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Dr. Darlene Westinghouse is a Supervisor of Instructional Services at Rockland BOCES. Dr. Westinghouse's doctoral dissertation focuses on 21st century skills and technology integration in higher education prep programs.  


Monitoring Student Progress With Technology
Adaptive equipment and assistive devices have transformed the way we are able to deliver services to our students, including our most vulnerable.  Speech and language therapists as well as occupational and physical therapists have long been on the forefront of helping students with disabilities successfully integrate technology for their academic, social/emotional and developmental benefit.  Today, from the most restrictive settings to the least, these advances and aids allow students to move, communicate and participate in as many general education environments as possible. 
Has the process of drafting, delivering, monitoring, and reporting special education services as outlined in the IEP, been affected by technological advancements?  Turns out that technology has been beneficial to the end user as well. 
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Jennifer Levesque is a special education teacher at Tech Valley High School in Albany, NY.  

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