August 2016 | Volume 1

Orthopaedic device companies are decreasing the number of instruments in sets in response to surgeon and hospital needs. DJO, Premia Spine and United Orthopedic Corporation USA share their approaches.
Making the Most of UDI

The question isn't how will UDI alter your business, because it already has. The question is, how can your business benefit from changes you've made, and how will the healthcare system benefit from UDI, if at all?

*The September 24 UDI deadline is swiftly approaching. Stay on track with BONEZONE's coverage of UDI guidance and best practices.
5 Surgeon Questions on the Adoption of Additive Manufacturing

Industry activity suggests that use of additive manufacturing in orthopaedics is growing. But what do surgeons think about the technology and its potential? Nirav A. Shah, M.D., a sports medicine surgeon, poses five questions he thinks that surgeons have on AM.

Amendia, a vertically-integrated U.S. spinal implant company, expanded its manufacturing facility to support growth in manufacturing, surgeon training and R&D. The company is one of many spine companies focused on internal manufacturing expansion.

In 2015, estimated spine product sales exceeded $8.4 billion worldwide. The strength of pure-play companies drove much of this growth. Learn more about this and other market segments in THE ORTHOPAEDIC INDUSTRY ANNUAL REPORT, available for

download here.
From the archives:

Unacceptable purchased products account for about 17% of medical device recalls each year. Many times, this occurs because the device manufacturer did not properly describe the product or agree to the terms of accretion and rejection with their suppliers.


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