For additive to move from tinkering technology to widely-used process, it's imperative to prove its long-term benefits. To date, clinical and economic data are lacking and reimbursement rates are low. A group led by SME wants to create common standards that industry can adopt to prove additive manufacturing's value.  

Also, ~100 consultants, surgeons and suppliers from organizations such as FDA and Hospital for Special Surgery are attending. Choose OMTEC and expect to acquire the knowledge and partnerships you need to excel. 

Zimmer Biomet entered into a definitive agreement to acquire LDR for US $37/share in cash. Combining the companies would yield significant global muscle to distribute and cross-sell complementary product portfolios addressing cervical disc, minimally invasive surgery and complex spine, coupled with biologics. 

Other M&A activity from this week:
Reduce Costs and Improve Margins with Proper Equipment Utilization
Cost-savings and margin improvements can often be found on a company's own factory floor. A good tool to measure efficiency is to calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness, an indication of how effectively equipment is being utilized by identifying the percentage of planned production time that is truly productive.
Many companies think Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) may not be right for them. Dispel any myths about implementing an S&OP strategy and learn how it can integrate into your business plan.   
Companies are obligated to grow their business either in terms of increased overall sales, increased market share or increased profitability. Utilizing the right criteria is key in evaluating new opportunities on a macro scale.
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