There are presently 102 exhibitors confirmed to exhibit at OMTEC 2016 on June 15-16 in Chicago. This is an increase of 24% from this same time last year. Don't wait until OMTEC to identify your next new partner. See the list.
Oxford Performance Materials, nanoMag, Proxy Biomedical and Titan Spine have each reached milestones, such as clinical studies, regulatory clearance or product launch, with proprietary technologies. BONEZONE queried them about their technologies, the future of materials and the challenges that companies face in adopting new materials.
At times, companies jump into supplier selection and contract negotiation without undertaking proper due diligence. The result can be identification of critical issues that cannot be corrected -- perhaps foiling the effort altogether. 
Are you heading to NASS next week? 
Bone up first with these spine-centric announcements!
We'll be there! ORTHOWORLD Booth 765.
The Extremities Market
Extremities is one of the most attractive and fastest-growing sub-segments today. The convergence of increased surgeon interest, favorable procedure rates and innovation drive investments by companies that seek new and diversified revenue streams outside of hip, knee and spine.
Industry analysts predict that the fabrication and selling of medical devices and related technologies will increase 75 percent over the next decade. Be forewarned, however; the registration process is perplexing.
Typically, R&D and the legal department don't mix well. Some folks say it's akin to oil and water, while others say it's more like oil and vinegar. These two departments interact, but only after some vigorous mixing. 
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