How would this affect device companies? It would most likely enhance hip and knee implant price pressure, especially as hospitals face decreasing target rates throughout the program, and it may lead to continual vendor consolidation.
Supplier partners offer perspectives to OEMs who seek to streamline their instrument inventories in response to hospitals' demands for simpler, more cost-effective solutions.
Unique Device Identification (UDI) Toolbox

and Karen Conway's OMTEC 2015 Presentations,

From the archives...

"...the more that we work with a supplier, the more clear our expectations become; things become predictable. As we develop long-term agreements, that helps the contract allows them to invest..."

Product launches from

SIGNUS launched the DIPLOMAT® posterior fixation pedicle screw.

MicroPort Orthopedics launched the Profemur® Preserve® short hip stem.

OsteoMed Spine commenced full market launch of the PrimaLIF™ LLIF Lateral Interbody Fusion System.

SeaSpine launched the Ventura™ NanoMetalene® transforaminal intervertebral body fusion device. 

ChoiceSpine commenced U.S. launch of the BLACKBIRD™ Posterior Cervical System.

Intellijoint Surgical commenced Canada launch of intellijoint HIP™.

Stryker Spine launched the LITe® (Less Invasive Technologies) Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion Procedural Solution. 

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