September 9, 2016
Cash Raffle Drawings

As you know, the 2016-17 Fundraising Packets were distributed to students on Wednesday, August 31. Each packet contains the annual Cash Raffle tickets and the first Cash Raffle drawing will take place on Monday, September 26 at our Fall Pep Rally as we kick-off Spirit Week. You have from now until December 7, 2016 to sell and turn in $200 or more worth of raffle ticket stubs. The best odds of winning are on September 26 - get your sold ticket stubs and payment in early! Tickets are returned to the drum for another chance to win.
Raffle tickets are sold for $10 each.
Drawings will be held on September 26, November 1 and December 8. There will be a second drawing on these dates, which will award $100 to a student who has turned in any sold raffle ticket stubs.
September 26 - $1000 raffle prize and $100 student drawing
November 1 - $1500 raffle prize and $100 student drawing
December 8 - $2500 raffle prize and $100 student drawing

BONUS DRAWING on December 8 for $1000 for any family who sells 25 tickets ($250). Every 5 tickets sold over $250 will earn additional drawing entries, so sell as many tickets as possible! Additional ticket sales directly benefit our school.


The annual Resurrection Walk-a-Thon will be on Tuesday, September 27. We believe that with a little effort by EVERY student and staff member, we can gather sponsorship money, earn a day off school, and show our support for Resurrection College Prep High School!
Money raised will be used toward a student wish list and re-visioning of the science labs.
The goals for our school this year is a monetary goal of $25,500 ($50 per student average) and a participation goal of 95%, although 100% would be awesome! ($10 minimum per student to qualify for participation). If we reach BOTH of these goals we will all earn a day off school on Friday, October 7, which would make that a 4 day weekend! Together, we can reach our goals!
Students - work on obtaining pledges! We appreciate all you do to support your school. Check the Walk-A-Thon form for early incentives. Students, get your Walk-a-Thon pledges in by Friday, September 16 for a chance to win $50 in Bandit Bucks (good at the Bandit Boutique).
Why is fundraising so important?

As you know, tuition only covers approximately 80% of the cost of a Resurrection education. 


Fundraising is critical to fill that gap!

Thank you for all you do to support Resurrection!


Make a direct contribution to support Resurrection College Prep.

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