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July 2014


Welcome to new Faculty & Staff
Welcome to new Resurrection Principal Maria Hawk and alumna and new Associate Principal Margaret Masterson Kinel '92.  Both administrators started at Resurrection on June 30 and we are looking forward to working with them. 

We also welcome two other Resurrection alumnae who started in mid-June, new Recruitment Coordinator Nancy  Brugger O'Leary '83  and new Alumnae Coordinator and Assistant Recruiter Kristin Even '10
We are pleased to have these energetic and dedicated women join us at Resurrection.  Read more about these new members of the Resurrection team on Sr. Donna's blog.



 English Department Summer Required Reading


The English Department required summer reading selections and instructions regarding the summer reading assignment for each class are available here.


"Res Reads" Book Selection  reading-grass-girl.jpg


The "Res Reads" (formerly One Book, One School) selection committee has chosen Chinese Cinderella: The Secret Story of an Unwanted Daughter for our library sponsored summer read this year.  The "Res Reads" selection is optional, but we encourage all students to read Chinese Cinderella over the summer break, and participate in activities and contests during the 2014-15 school year!  





Second Semester Honor Roll


Congratulations to Resurrection College Prep High School students who have been named to the honor roll for the 2nd semester (January to May 2014) of the 2013-2014 school year.

The Resurrection grading system is based on a grade point average (GPA) in which an A in a college prep class equals 5 points. Students with a GPA of 4.51 or higher are recognized with first honors; those students with a 4.00 - 4.50 GPA are recognized with second honors.

See the complete list of Honor Roll recipients here.



Spring Athletic Awards


Resurrection College Prep High School held the Spring Athletic Banquet on Monday, June 2, 2014 to honor student athletes in Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Track & Field and Water Polo.


Resurrection prides itself on the academic success of its student athletes.  Fifty-four student athletes were recipients of the GCAC/MCAC All-Conference Academic Award, which is earned by student athletes who have maintained a cumulative GPA of 4.0 or higher at the Varsity level of competition.


Five student athletes were recipients of the GCAC/MCAC All-Conference Athletic Award, which recognizes student athletes who have been recognized and chosen by the coaches of the GCAC for their exemplary athletic ability at the Varsity level. The All-Conference Athletic Awards were presented to Soccer team members Sarah Astudillo '16  and Hannah Witczak '14 and Softball team members Courtney Grasz '14, Katherine Moriarty '14 and Breanna Sobotka '14.


Fifteen student athletes were recognized as Tri-Athletes for their successful participation in three sports at Resurrection during the 2013-14 school year, including the following: Angelina Apostolou '17, Samantha Appelhans '17, Emily Bernath '14, Shannon Borner '17, Nora Carr '17, Samantha Cid '14, Caitlyn Ernst '17, Lauren Gawlinski '17, Lillian Goworowski '17, Analisa Martorano '17, Ciara McAleer '17, Meredith Nowotarski '17, Olivia O'Hehir '17, Emily Toomey '14 and Ivy Witczak '17.


Individual teams also presented awards and the following student athletes were Sports Award Recipients:


Varsity Lacrosse: Most Valuable Player: Mary Dougherty '15; Coaches: Laura Brown '14; Sportsmanship: Erin Vasiliadis '15; Spirit: Nicole Tomasik '16;


JV Lacrosse: Most Valuable Player: Norern Gallian '16; Coaches: Mary Clare Donohoe '17; Sportsmanship: Kendall Kelly '17; Spirit: Paige Maloney '14;


Varsity Soccer: Most Valuable Player: Hannah Witczak '14; Coaches: Lauren Piszkiewicz '14 Sportsmanship: Madeline Dineen '14 and Rachel Gotsch '14; Spirit: Rory Cusack '14;


JV Soccer: Most Valuable Player: Megan Heneghan '17; Coaches: Caleigh McGovern '14; Sportsmanship: Brianna Garrido '17 and Noelle McGlinn '17; Spirit: Ciara McAleer '17;


Varsity Softball:Most Valuable Player: Courtney Grasz '14; Coaches: Emily Toomey '14; Sportsmanship: Rachel O'Donnell '14; Spirit: Meegan Early '14;


JV Softball: Most Valuable Player: Angelina Ingratta '16; Coaches: Emily DePaolo '15; Sportsmanship: Tara Nikolich '17; Spirit: Marie Fiorito '15;


Freshman Softball: Most Valuable Player: Summer Hasan '17; Coaches: Analisa Martorano '17; Sportsmanship: Meredith Nowotarski '17; Spirit: Lillian Goworowski '17;

Varsity Track & Field: Most Valuable Player: Carissa Fagiano '15; Coaches: Lexie Ippolito '16; Sportsmanship: Sarah England '14; Spirit: Haley Mulcrone '14;


JV Track & Field Varsity: Most Valuable Player: Emma Pergams '16; Coaches: Emily Bridgman '16; Sportsmanship: Rahma Almajid '17; Spirit: Elma Alic '16 and Angeline Fierro '16;


Water Polo: Most Valuable Player: Kelly Henehan '15; Coaches: Megan Madl '14; Sportsmanship: Sarah Betzolt '16; and Spirit: Matilda Davis '16.

Congratulations to these student athletes!

Fall Athletic Tryouts

Tryouts for Fall Athletics, including Cross Country, Golf, Swim, Tennis, and Volleyball will be the week of August 13, 2014. 


Athletic try-outs for 2014-15 school year 

IHSA Pre-participation Exam form 



All athletes who wish to try-out MUST complete online
registration and submit a current athletic physical before they
are eligible to participate.  Student athletes MUST complete
 BOTH steps in order to participate in try-outs. 

Online registration will be available in mid-July.




Career Opportunities  

Resurrection currently has job openings for faculty, staff and coaching positions. 


See career opportunity listings here.




2014-15 Financial Information


Financial Information for the 2014-15 school year is available here.


Work-Study Program


Applications for students who may be interested in participating in the work-study program to receive financial aid are available in the office or here.  Applications are due by July 31.



2014-15 Back to School Dates

Freshmen Orientation - Mon & Tues, Aug 18 & 19

Sophomore Chromebook Training - Wed, Aug 20
Classes for All Students - Thurs, Aug 21

Freshmen Mixer - Fri, Aug 22

Back to School Night - Wed, Aug 27


Craft Fair Applications

 The annual Resurrection College Prep High School
Arts & Crafts Fair will be held on
Saturday, November 8, 2014.

Crafters & Vendors -  

Craft Fair Logo


Download the 2014 Fall Arts & Crafts Fair Application