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June 2016 Newsletter
SylviaA Personal Note from Sylvia

I'm so happy to be announcing two new publications!  No, they are not mine this time, but I did help edit both of them. 

The first is a new PDF by Suzanne Guldimann, who is known for her lap harp arrangements.  This time around, she's focused her talents on music from Jane Austen's era. Scroll down and see the article below for more information on Music from the Netherfield Ball.

The second new book is by Felice Pomeranz, the harp professor at Berklee College of Music. The Berklee Harp book will help you explore your personal musicianship and creativity, and make you a better improvising harpist.  Scroll down and read more about it in the article below.

Happy Birthday sheet
And now, an update on my new arrangements of  "Happy Birthday to You".  Last month it was only available as a PDF.  But I'm happy to let you know that the printed sheet music is now available! Thanks for your patience.

Have a happy summer with these new publications.
Sylvia Woods

(These new publications are NOT part of our monthly sale.)
arrangerA new "inappropriate" contest
A few weeks ago I had a great phone conversation with my friend and former student Anne Roos.  She called to ask permission to use some of my music in her wedding workshops at the upcoming Somerset Folk Harp Festival in July. 

We started chatting about the various pieces of music that people request for their weddings.  I mentioned that the strangest request that I ever got for the bride's processional was Ghost Riders in the Sky.  (For those of you who are too young to remember this song from the 1950's, it is about having to spend eternity chasing the devil's cattle herd across the sky.)  One of Anne's strangest wedding requests was, luckily, not requested by the bride, but by a guest at the reception:  Chuck Berry's 1972 hit My Ding-a-Ling.

Our conversation quickly deteriorated into the idea for a bogus new harp book entitled "Inappropriate Songs for Weddings." 

So, here's our fun new contest.  Email your "inappropriate wedding song" suggestions for this "bogus book" to by July 5th.

There will be two sets of prizes:
1. for the best suggestions that were actually requested for you to play at a wedding (or that you heard at a wedding)
2. for your fun ideas for songs that would be wildly inappropriate for the big day

Your suggestions can be for inappropriate titles, or inappropriate lyrics. Add a sentence or two telling why you think your suggestion should never be played at a wedding, and whether it was actually requested, or just a great idea of your own. You can send as many suggestions as you'd like, just let me know which category they fit into.

You have about 10 days, so put on your thinking cap and submit your suggestions right away to by July 5th.  Have fun!

P.S. Anne Roos' Musican's Guide to Brides is now out of print.  She's going to be revising it and selling it as a PDF download later this year.  But if you want one of the hard copies, we only have 4 copies left!
NetherfieldMusic for the Netherfield Ball PDF
Netherfield Ball
Are you a fan of Jane Austen?  Are Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Mansfield Park some of your favorite books and movies? If so (and even if "not"), you're sure to enjoy this new PDF entitled Music for the Netherfield Ball, which includes 18 "Songs and Dances of Jane Austen's Era" arranged for Celtic harp by Suzanne Guldimann. 

Suzanne is well-known for her arrangements of music playable on small harps, and these pieces can be played on harps with 3 octaves or more. She did extensive research when compiling these musical selections. 

"In assembling the music for this collection, I imagined it as a sampling of occasional music that might be played at a country gathering like the Netherfield Ball in Austen's Pride and Prejudice: a mix of popular music, folk songs, and composed works, intended to entertain and give joy.

Music was also an integral aspect of the writer's life. Like many of her characters, Jane Austen played the pianoforte and her letters contain enthusiastic accounts of attending performances.

All but one of the pieces presented in this collection appear in some form in the Austen family music collection. . . . It is unclear how much of the Austen family music Jane herself might have played, but a number of pieces copied into two of the Austen family books are in her handwriting, and this collection includes two pieces reported by Austen's niece Caroline to have been among Jane's favorites."

#p7566 - Music for the Netherfield Ball PDF - $15.95
BerkleeBerklee Harp book
Berklee Harp
Berklee College of Music harp professor Felice Pomeranz's new and informative book Berklee Harp is subtitled Reading, Improvisation, & Arranging for Pedal & Lever Harpists.

Working through this book, you'll become a better improvising harpist. Whether you play pedal or lever harp, it will help you to explore your personal musicianship and creativity. Learn basic chords, chord symbols, and harmonic progressions used in a wide range of music, including jazz, folk, and other styles. You will learn techniques for soloing and for accompanying yourself or others. The harmony exercises will help you to master chord progressions in several grooves, practice modulating freely and without fear, and improve your chord recognition and smooth voice leading. The book is 120 pages, paperbound.

Special added bonuses are the accompanying audio tracks, which you can access online for download or streaming. These tracks include demonstrations and play-alongs. The audio tracks include Hal Leonard's innovative "PLAYBACK+", a multi-functional audio player that allows you to slow down audio without changing pitch, set loop points, change keys, and pan left or right.

#7616b - Berklee Harp book - $19.99
thisMonthsSaleThis Month's Sale
To get you ready for July 4th, this month's sale includes patriotic selections, and the theme from the PBS Series The Civil War. To get the 15% discount on the 3 sheets and PDFs shown below, enter the code word flag in the Promo Code box on your shopping cart page and click "Enter Code" by July 5, 2016. For more information, see the 15% Off section at the bottom of this newsletter.   
Regular price: $4.95
15% off with flag code
Sylvia Woods' medley combines 2 well-known patriotic favorites: America ("My country 'tis of thee") and America The Beautiful ("Oh beautiful, for spacious skies"). It begins in the key of D (2 sharps) and ends in the key of G (1 sharp), with several sharping lever or pedal changes. Fingerings, chord symbols and lyrics are included. 4 pages, for advanced beginner and intermediate players..   
Star-Spangled Banner
Regular price: $5.95
15% off with flag code
This sheet music includes two harp arrangements by Sylvia Woods of The Star-Spangled Banner. One arrangement is in the key of C, and the other in B-flat. Both are for intermediate players, and include fingerings, lyrics, and chord symbols. Although only one verse of this song is normally sung, all 4 verses of Francis Scott Key's original poem are included. Each arrangement is 2-pages long, for a total of 4 pages of music.
Ashokan Farewell
Regular price: $6.95 and
15% off with flag code

Ashokan Farewell
is the haunting theme featured in the soundtrack of the PBS Series The Civil War, written by Jay Ungar and arranged for harp by Deborah Friou.

This sheet music is in the key of D with one sharping lever change.

For the intermediate to advanced player. 
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