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July 2015

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newA Personal Note from Sylvia Woods
DeAngelo and Woods

I'm sorry that this month's newsletter is so late!  Early in the month I was working hard to get FOUR new harp arrangements completed and printed. (See the article below.)

Then, this past week, I was at the wonderful Somerset Folk Harp Festival in New Jersey.  Here's a photo of me along with Kathy DeAngelo (the amazing director of the festival) and my Lifetime Achievement Award. I would like to thank Kathy, Kim Adamson, and the entire staff for such a great festival.  It was so much fun to see old friends, and meet lots of my loyal customers.  Thanks to all of you who stopped by to say "hi" and tell me about your harp journey.  I really enjoyed meeting you all.

musicFOUR MORE New Arrangements
 by Sylvia Woods!!  


I've been busy!  In the past month I've completed 4 new pop music harp arrangements.  I hope you enjoy playing them!  They are now available as printed sheet music and also as PDF downloads.

Have you seen the new Disney-Pixar movie "Inside Out"?  I highly recommend it.  As always, Pixar shows a short movie before the feature film.  This time, it is called "Lava," and is the story of a Hawaiian volcano who waits millions of years for his one true "lava." As soon as I saw it, I immediately requested permission from Disney to do an arrangement.  This song, which tells the story throughout the short, was written by the film's director, James Ford Murphy. It is performed on a ukulele in the movie, and I tried to make my harp arrangement sound like a ukulele, as well.  My harp arrangement is in the key of C, with no lever changes required. It is for advanced beginner to intermediate players. Fingering and chord symbols are included. The lyrics are written in the music, as well as on a separate page. The music includes all 4 verses and choruses, and is 8 pages long. This piece can be played on harps with just one octave below middle C. The range needed is 3 octaves (22 strings) from C to C.
 5995b - Lava sheet music - $7.95
 p5995 - Lava PDF - $7.95

Pat Monahan is the lead singer in the American group Train.

Marry Me was released as a single in 2010 from their "Save Me, San Francisco" album. This lovely, rhythmic song is popular for weddings.  I have made a 6-page arrangement for intermediate lever or pedal harp players. It is in the key of D (2 sharps), and there are two C-natural lever changes. Fingerings, lyrics, lever and pedal changes, and chord symbols are included. The harp range required is 24 strings (a little over 3 octaves), from a G up to a B.

The next two arrangements are fun songs by pop singer Michael Bublé. 

Everything PDF

Everything - by Michael Bublé  

I've arranged this bouncy love song by Michael Bublé for intermediate harp players. It is in the key of G (1 sharp) and has some C# and D# lever changes. Fingerings, lyrics, lever and pedal changes, and chord symbols are included. 7 pages of music. The harp range required is 24 strings (a little over 3 octaves), from a G up to a B.

5964b - Everything sheet music - $7.95 
p5964 - Everything PDF - $7.95     



This very happy song is actually about a break-up. But you'd never know it by its bouncy, fun melody.  And it is really fun to play! I have made two intermediate harp arrangements, and BOTH are included in this PDF. The first arrangement, for lever harps tuned to C, is in the key of D (2 sharps), with some A# and C# lever changes required. The second arrangement, for lever harps tuned to flats, is in the key of C, with some B-flat and G# lever changes required. Pedal harpists may play either arrangement. Each arrangement is 6 pages long. Fingerings, lyrics, lever and pedal changes, and chord symbols are included. The harp range needed is 25 strings (about 3-1/2 octaves) from F up to B for the version in the key of D, and from E up to A for the version for harps tuned to flats. This PDF is 14 pages long, including both 6-page harp arrangements.

5965b - It's a Beautiful Day sheet music - $7.95

p5965 - It's a Beautiful Day PDF - $7.95

TeachersOur Harp Teacher List

Recently I received the following inspiring email from my customer Beth Peacock.

"I have started my harp lessons with an instructor from your website, Kela Walton. She teaches with Buffalo Suzuki Strings only blocks from my apartment. She is wonderful. She also offers lessons in her home studio. That's where I go, and is the option that other "young-at-heart" students choose. She can be more flexible and work on what we need most. I've had 2 lessons and am in love already!! Thank YOU for creating this list on your website for instructors, it took me 2 years of looking for someone in this area."

I'm so happy that Beth found her new teacher through our site, and that she agreed to let me share her story with my newsletter readers.

We currently have about 375 teachers on our teacher list.  But I WANT MORE!!!!!  So, if you're a harp teacher, please fill out our teacher questionnaire, and join our list.  Let's all work together to help more people learn to play the harp!
HornerJames Horner  (1953-2015)  


Composer James Horner died last month at age 61 when his single-engine plane crashed in the Los Padres National Forest in California. 

James Horner wrote music for the films Titanic, Avatar, Krull, Star Trek III, Cocoon, Aliens, Glory, Field of Dreams, Braveheart, Apollo 13, The Perfect Storm, The Mask of Zorro, and many, many more.

In honor of Mr. Horner, this month's sale is 6 of my arrangements of music from the movies . . . including James Horner's My Heart Will Go On from "Titanic." See the listing below for what is on sale.  For each title, both the sheet music and the PDF versions are 15% off until August 15 when you use the secret code word.

To get the 15% discount on the following 6 sheet musics and PDFs of movie music (listed below), enter the code word movies in the Promo Code box on your shopping cart page and click "Enter Code" by August 15, 2015. For more information, see the "Save 15%" section at the bottom of this newsletter. 
(My new arrangement of "Lava" is NOT included in this sale.) 
productsSheets and PDFs of Movie Music ON SALE
My Heart will Go On  from Titanic 




Sylvia Woods has created harp arrangements of the popular love theme from the movie Titanic:My Heart Will Go On. An easy arrangement and an intermediate arrangement are BOTH included in the same piece of sheet music. They are in the key of G (1 sharp) with no lever or pedal changes. The lyrics are written between the staves, so you can sing along while you play. Chord symbols are included in the intermediate version. This song is still "hot," and is a "required song" if you play weddings! 6 pages.


 Regular Price: $7.95
Newsletter Sale: $6.76
Into the West  from Lord of the Rings 

Into the West  


This Academy Award-winning song from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King movie has been arranged for harp by Sylvia Woods. An easy arrangement and an intermediate arrangement are both included in the same piece of sheet music. The lyrics are written between the staves, so you can sing along while you play. In the key of C, with no lever changes. Chord symbols included. 6 pages of music of each level: 12 pages total. 


 Regular Price: $7.95
Newsletter Sale: $6.76
Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets  


The soundtrack of the popular movie Dead Poets Society was composed by Academy Award-winning composer Maurice Jarre. With the exception of the full orchestra during the dramatic closing scene, the rest of the soundtrack was performed by only 3 musicians: 2 synthesizer players, and Sylvia Woods on a wire-strung harp. Sylvia has arranged a medley of several of the beautifully haunting themes on this sheet music. Although composed for a metal-strung harp, this music can be played on any type of harp, by players of all levels. In the key of C with one F# accidental which lever harp players can be set at the beginning. Fingerings included. 4 pages.


 Regular Price: $4.95
Newsletter Sale: $4.21
 Safe and Sound  from The Hunger Games

Safe & Sound Sheet  


Safe & Sound is a beautiful lullaby sung by Taylor Swift in The Hunger Games movie. It was written by Taylor Swift along with T-Bone Burnett, John Paul White, and Joy Williams. Sylvia's 4-page arrangement for advanced beginners is in the key of G with fingerings and lyrics. There are no lever changes. It can be played on 26-string harps, such as the Harpsicle, if you play everything an octave higher than written. 


 Regular Price: $7.95
Newsletter Sale: $6.76
 Over the Rainbow from Wizard of Oz

Over the Rainbow  


This sheet music includes two solo harp arrangements of Over the Rainbow from the classic film The Wizard of Oz. Both versions can be played on either a lever harp or a pedal harp. The easy arrangement is playable by advanced beginners, and requires 2 sharping lever changes. The advanced arrangement includes more chords, and additional sharping lever changes. Fingerings are included. 

Both versions include the little-known opening verse to this beloved song. The lyrics are printed in the music, so you can sing along.


 Regular Price: $7.95
Newsletter Sale: $6.76
 A Thousand Years from The Twilight Saga

A Thousand Years  


The romantic ballad A Thousand Years was first used during the credits of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 film, and was included in the original motion picture soundtrack. It was composed by Christina Perri and David Hodges. It is currently a popular song for weddings.

Sylvia Woods' 6-page harp arrangement is in the key of C , and there are no lever changes. It is playable on lever or pedal harp, and is for advanced beginner to intermediate players. Fingerings, lyrics and chord symbols are included.

The range required for this piece is 22 strings from F to F. If your small harp has four F strings, you can play the music an octave higher than written.

 Regular Price: $7.95
Newsletter Sale: $6.76
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