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March 2015

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newA Personal Note from Sylvia Woods

Happy belated Saint Patrick's Day!  I hope you also celebrated Saint David's Day on March 1st, which honors the patron saint of Wales. It is great to have 2 Celtic holidays in one month.
I've long been a fan of the animated e-cards by Jacquie Lawson.  They are my "go to" cards for any occasion.  On Saint Patrick's day this year, I received 20 copies of the same Jacquie Lawson e-card from friends, relatives, and customers! So you know it has to be harp-related and fun.  It is now my favorite e-card of all time!

Check it out here on the Jacquie Lawson website.  There's no charge to preview the card, but you'll need to purchase a membership if you want to send this card to someone.  A membership is only $12 a year, and in my opinion, it is totally worth it. 

Happy spring to you all,
teacherAre You a Harp Teacher?
Do You Need a Harp Teacher?   Harp Teachers

I'm happy to announce that the new teacher listing on our website now has over 350 teachers.  Most are in the US, but we do have several teachers listed in Canada and other countries.

If you're looking for a harp teacher, please check out our listings. They are organized by state (or country), and then by zip code. If there are no teachers listed near you, be sure to check out neighboring states if you live near a state border. 

SkypeYou also might consider taking lessons on your computer through Skype.  A majority of the teachers on our list say that they give lessons this way, as well as teaching "in person" lessons at their studios.  I've been teaching through Skype for several years, and it works great.   So, if there are no teachers in your area, give Skype lessons a try!  Just look for the blue Skype icon on our teacher list. And remember, with lessons through Skype you don't have to be in the same city, or the same state, or even the same country as your teacher.  As long as you both have the free Skype computer program, you can be anywhere!

I'd like to thank all of the teachers who have already joined our list.  If you are a teacher who would like to be included, please click on this link and complete our short questionnaire.
If you notice that your favorite teachers are not on the list, please encourage them to sign up.  I want to make this the most comprehensive teacher list on the web! 
  SchoolMargot Krimmel  


This is the 8th installment highlighting the composers and arrangers whose music is available through   


This month we're featuring Margot Krimmel.  She's one of the few harp players who arrange music for harp and choir, as well as for solo harp.   Here's what Margot has to say about herself and her music.    


I like to say, I started my career at age three, singing what ever came into my head. As a youngster, I was a mediocre flute and piano player, as a teen, a pretty good guitar player. But really, it all started when I bought a used harp (a 30-string made by Jay Witcher) from someone who got it from Sylvia Woods.  With that harp and a book called Teach Yourself to Play Folk Harp, my career was launched.


Lessons with Sylvia Woods, Deborah Henson-Conant, and orchestral harpist Helen Hope all helped me immensely with harp technique and musicianship. A six night a week gig in Vail, CO gave me hours of practice (and a free ski pass). The Vail engagement honed my arranging skills. If someone requested a song I didn't know, I would figure it out.


Walking in the Air In the early 1990's, I called Faber and Faber in London asking for permission to arrange Walking in the Air from the animated Snowman movie. The English accent "shut-down" ('under no circumstances will Mr Blake allow his music to be arranged') stung a bit. A few years ago, I mentioned the piece to my publishers, Dave and Deb Kolacny. They worked their magic, got permission (pending approval by the composer) and I got to work.  I'm certain that the arrangements -- three different solos, lead sheet and duet -- are all the better for the wait. (You can see a YouTube video of this song in a clip from the movie on the Walking in the Air product page.) 


I have two approaches to arranging. With pop music, such as Falling Slowly from the movie Once, the challenge is replicating the original spunk, hooks and band sound as closely as possible. Playing the parts of all the instruments can make for a complicated harp part. Often finding an easy way to distill the complexity is about making it feel good to play. I experiment until the groove feels as good to play as it sounds.  


Gloucestershire Wassail

When I arrange well-known pieces, like the Gloucestershire Wassail and Icy December, I'll improvise until I find Icy Decembersomething new. In Wassail, I added fun key changes. For Icy December, I slowed the tempo down and a gorgeous harp part emerged.  I've arranged these pieces for choir and lever or pedal harp.  If you sing in a choir, summer is the time to present these to the music director.  You can watch a video performance of Icy December on the product page.    


Since 2004, I've been arranging and composing harp ensemble pieces for the Colorado Celtic Harp Society to play with Denver's Cherry Creek Chorale. When my music partner, Beth Gadbaw and I recorded our second CD, Icy December in 2011, we had no idea we'd be arranging the tracks for the Chorale, harp and bodhran. That collaboration has led to others, including a commission by the Seattle choir, Cora Voce. In May 2016, we'll premier new choir/harp arrangements  with Cora Voce.


Living in Boulder, Colorado provides a variety of creative opportunities.  Last summer, Beth and I spent a week at Caribou Ranch Open Space as Artists-In Residence and wrote new music. Here's a video of our first song from the program. 



This month I'm collaborating with an award winning poet, playing Irish music for St Pat's with my four-piece band, and coaching a high school harp quartet. Next month, I'll record my own solo work, play for a two hour Celtic Mass, rehearse my harp trio with a nationally known break dancer, and present my youth students in a concert performance at the Boulder Main Library. I am very lucky.


My students inspire me with their hard work and their smiles. Courses in the Suzuki Method and Orff Schulework have given me a good balance of both the technical and creative aspects of harp. As dancer Martha Graham says, 'Good technique makes the impossible look easy'.  I'm a stickler for good technique. I have a deep bag of tricks, but more importantly, a willingness to look at each student individually. I encourage my students to find the music for themselves, so they own what they are playing. Expression, improvisation and composition are encouraged in my studio.


Playing for yoga and labyrinth walks keep my tone rich and my head clear.  Irish music sessions keep my fingers moving fast and my feet tapping.  You can check out my upcoming calendar and find more information on my website.  Here's a video of my band playing for St. Patrick's Day. 











For me, music is not about the notes, nor what I hear on the surface, but about the deeper soul expression. My guiding star is to stay true to myself. I can't define exactly what that is, but I know when I'm playing honestly and when I'm not.  


-- Margot Krimmel 


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Harp Solo





Margot Krimmel


This popular, lyrical theme from the film "Once" won the 2007 Academy Award for Best Original Song.

The composers, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, performed the song on guitar and piano in the movie.  

Margot Krimmel's 3 page arrangement for intermediate harp players is in the key of C, with no lever changes. A page of lyrics is included. 

You can listen to a video clip of the composers singing this song on the Falling Slowly product page

Product #h7218b
Regular Price: $7.95
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 Walking in the Air from The Snowman arranged by Margot Krimmel

Walking in the Air  


Howard Blake composed this ethereal song for the beloved animated film "The Snowman" in 1982.

Margot Krimmel has arranged three harp solos (simplified, lever, and pedal) and a duet version in this book. The 2-page simplified version is for 26-string harps, and has no lever changes. The other solos for larger harps are 3 pages each with extensive lever/pedal changes. In the key of E-minor, with chord symbols and no fingerings. A lead sheet with lyrics is included. 19 pages spiral-bound. 


 Regular Price: $12.95
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Harp and


Margot Krimmel


Beth Leachman-Gadbaw

Gloucestershire Wassail  

Harpist Margot Krimmel and singer Beth Leachman-Gadbaw have arranged this traditional English carol from their Icy December CD for harp, solo voice, and choir.
Since Gloucestershire Wassail has many verses, this arrangement allows for various choir members to sing select verses as solos, with the whole choir singing through two choruses. The piece modulates from  the key of D to G, C, F, and back to D. All of the lever changes happen between the verses. Margot's arrangement gives you time for your left hand to make these changes. For intermediate harp players. No fingerings.

This music is sold as a PDF download only. The $25 license fee gives the downloader full permission to print as many copies as needed for ONE CHOIR. Please purchase additional licenses if the music will be used by more than one choir.

The PDF includes a 9-page score for choir, and a 4-page part for harp or piano.

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Icy December  

Harpist Margot Krimmel and singer Beth Leachman-Gadbaw have arranged this lovely traditional Catalonian carol from their Icy December CD for harp, solo voice, and choir.


The music is in the key of C. The harp part has 1 easy lever change, which can be either a B flat or an A sharp, depending on how your lever harp is tuned. It is playable by advanced beginner to intermediate harp players. Fingerings are not included.


This music is sold as a PDF download only. The $25 license fee gives the downloader full permission to print as many copies as needed for ONE CHOIR. Please purchase additional licenses if the music will be used by more than one choir.

The PDF includes a 6-page score for choir, and a 3-page part for harp or piano.



Regular Price: $25.00 Newsletter Sale: $21.25
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