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December 2014

Merry Christmas
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That Night in Bethlehem

This past week I created a harp arrangement of the beautiful  

traditional Irish Christmas carol
That Night in Bethlehem
(Don Oched i mBeithil)

Many people first became aware of this lovely carol through the Celtic Women group.  And several of you requested an arrangement for harp.

My brand new 4-verse, 4-page arrangement is playable on lever or pedal harp. Each verse is a bit harder than the one before, so less experienced players can play the verses at their level. The music is in the key of E minor (1 sharp). There is one C# lever change in the 3rd verse. Fingerings and chord symbols are included. The lyrics printed in the music are David Monks' English translation. The original Irish Gaelic and a phonetic version are included on a separate page. This beautiful traditional Celtic carol will be a wonderful addition to your Christmas repertoire.

My Christmas gift for you:

Get a FREE PDF of my brand new harp arrangement of 
That Night in Bethlehem
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This offer is valid through Christmas Day, December 25, 2014.

(As always, if you have any problem with the code, please email me right away.)

MELE KALIKIMAKA (Hawaiian for Merry Christmas)

PDFsNaples Nativity Creches Naples Creche-closeup
Once again, my world-traveling sister Sheryl has sent me a "harp sighting."  This one comes from Naples, Italy.  She actually sent these photos to me in May, but I've been saving them for this Christmas issue. 

"Naples is known for its elaborate nativity scenes, and there's a big handcraft industry to make the characters. Here's detail from an enormous one in a museum in an old Episcopal palace."

Angels are often depicted with harps in nativity crches, but this is the first time I've seen non-angel harp players at the Bethlehem manger.

Naples Creche
If you'd like more information, here are a few web sites I found about the creches in Naples.
Naples: A Street-Life Nativity  
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