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July 2014

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newA Personal Note from Sylvia Woods

Marjorie Snyder
I'm dedicating this issue to my mother, Marjorie Snyder in honor of her 100th birthday on July 31st.  She passed away in 2009 at the ripe old age of 94. She lived a long, happy, productive life, and at the end was "ready for God to call me home."  

My mother was an inspiration to me, and the reason why I am a harpist.  She always wanted one of us to play the harp, but never had the opportunity to make it happen when we were kids.  I started taking pedal harp lessons from Marjorie Call during my 2nd semester at the University of Redlands. I didn't tell my mother, because we wanted to keep it as a surprise.  At the end of the school year she came to hear my sister and me sing in a choir concert.  As soon as she arrived we made her close her eyes and we led her into the harp room.  I played a few pieces for her and she cried because she was so happy!

Originally, I was only planning to take harp lessons for one semester.  But I was hooked.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  But if it hadn't been for my mother, I probably would never have actually walked into that harp room to begin this amazing journey. 

My mother was truly an inspiration to me.  As was said in her eulogy:

Marjorie's life can be summed up in just a few phrases: love of family, love of God, belief in prayer, and service to others. She was a very loving woman, a good listener and a dispenser of sound advice. She made good friends wherever she went. She will be sorely missed.


Happy 100th birthday, Mom.  Thanks for everything.

PDFsNew Sheet Music by Sylvia Woods

Once again, I've been busy making 6 new harp arrangements for you. They are now available as printed sheet music and also as PDF downloads.  For more information, click on the covers below.  The covers on the left link to the sheet music, and the ones on the right link to the PDFs. 

All of the arrangements are playable on either lever or pedal harp, and include lyrics, fingerings, chord symbols, and lever and pedal changes (if necessary).  Enjoy this new music!

You can find all of our new music in the New Harp Books and PDFs category.

Christmas Time Is Here  and  Linus and Lucy
"Charlie Brown ChristmasA Charlie Brown Christmas" was the first prime-time Charlie Brown Christmas PDFanimated TV special based upon Charles Schulz's beloved Peanuts characters. Since its CBS debut in 1965, it has aired in the US every Christmas season. Sylvia Woods has made harp arrangements of two of the most beloved pieces: Christmas Time Is Here and Linus and Lucy, both included in the same sheet music.

A Thousand YearsThe romantic ballad "A Thousand Years" was first A Thousand Years PDFused during the credits of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -  Part 1 film, and was included in the original motion picture soundtrack.  It was composed by Christina Perri and David Hodges. Fans of the Twilight series have made it the unofficial theme song for the romance between the characters of Bella and Edward. It is currently a popular song for weddings. No lever changes are required.
All of Me All of Me PDF
Grammy-winning R&B recording artist John Legend (John Roger Stephens) wrote this love ballad for his fiancée Chrissy Teigen. It was released in August 2013 as a single on his Love in the Futurealbum. The couple married one month later. "All of Me" reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in May 2014. No lever changes are required.
Sting first recorded this beautiful song in 1993 on his
Ten Summoner's Tales album.  It became very popular, and has been recorded by many other artists. Fields of Gold is still often requested for weddings today. No lever changes are required.
"SaSay Something PDFy Something" is an original song by the American duoSay Something
A Great Big World. The lyrics are about letting go when a relationship ends. It became an international hit when Christina Aguilera joined A Great Big World on a re-recorded version in 2013. This music features a pedal point (also called a pedal note or pedal tone), which is a sustained or continually repeated note that is held constant while harmonies change in other parts. No lever changes are required.


Mendelssohn Wedding MarchMendelssohn's Wedding MarchMendelssohn Wedding March PDF
Felix Mendelssohn composed the "Wedding March" in 1842 as a part of his suite for Shakespeare's play
A Midsummer Night's Dream. It is most commonly played as a wedding recessional.

P.S. Don't forget my sheets that were announced a few months ago:
Music from Disney's FROZEN sheet or PDF
Music from Disney's TANGLED sheet or PDF
Bring Him Home from Les Miserables sheet or PDF
Castle on a Cloud from Les Miserables sheet or PDF
  School  Nancy Hurrell Nancy Hurrell


This is the second installment highlighting the composers or arrangers whose music is available through This month's arranger is Nancy Hurrell. Here's what Nancy has to say about herself and her music.    


In early music circles it's common to hear, 'So, when was your conversion?'  Mine came in 1991 at the World Harp Festival in Wales, when I heard Gothic Voices perform. The concert was in Llandaff Cathedral, and Christopher Page accompanied singers on a small medieval harp. It blew me away, so much meaning in the music with fewer notes on a small harp. The excessive superficial notes heard in romantic harp music were absent. The clear sound of the harp, with its perfect 4ths and 5ths was exquisite. Soon after, I ordered a medieval harp from England and started attending Historical Harp Society workshops to learn technique and history of the early harp.

Nancy Hurrell  My passion led us to move to Boston in 2000, a mecca for early music. I began a fantastic collaboration working with the historical harp collection at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, re-stringing and playing the harps and giving gallery talks. My interest in harp history began years ago in grad school getting my masters in harp. After writing a paper on the history of the harp I've been fascinated ever since. I've examined many rare harps in museums and have assisted curators in the US, England and Ireland with information for their databases.  


Last year I was the guest curator for the exhibition, "The Harp: A Global Story of Man, Music & Medicine," at the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, CA. In the job, lasting six months, I proposed themes, helped locate harps for the show and composed information panels. The exhibit brought together twenty harps from various cultures and periods in a unique pageant of shapes, sizes and decorative styles. 

NAMM exhibit


My special interest is Irish harp history and the maker John Egan, and I perform on a 200 year old Egan harp, with a lovely unique, old sound. I'm working on a book on the maker, and I was recently interviewed for an Irish radio program on Egan, to be broadcast in July on RTE Lyric FM.

Nancy Hurrell I love performing and the first early music group I played in was Renaissonics, with recorders, lute, violin, cello and harpsichord. I also took my harp on the subway (the T) once a month to Cambridge to play in a band for Renaissance dances where the dance steps were taught. I acquired a Renaissance harp replica and eventually came to play other harps in various ensembles, including the Italian double-row and the Spanish cross-strung, each with its own special sound that fits the repertoire. Playing Renaissance harps, I was aware of the lack of published solo music arranged for it. I began to adapt some of the great tunes we were performing in ensembles and also scoured the excellent college libraries in the city for lute and keyboard gems suitable for harp, and I published my Historical Harp Collection, Volume 1, with Volume 2 a few years later.  

Performing in early music ensembles, I create my own harp parts and enjoy the interesting dissonances and fast moving harmonies in early music. I've tried to bring these qualities to my Historical Harp Collections, to capture the essence and flavor of a period to make the arrangements satisfying to play. To simplify the harmonies, much would be lost, but I've also tried to make them easily playable as well. Arranged for historical harps, I make sure the music works just as well on Celtic harp and pedal harp. In fact, I was harpist for tea at the Boston Ritz Hotel for five years and played my Historical Harp Collections on pedal harp as part of my set! People recognized the lute pieces from Respighi's 'Ancient Airs and Dances', and the guests loved the lively bransles and canaries! The catchy rhythms provide a fun contrast in a harp set.  Nancy Hurrell illustration
 At the Somerset Harp Festivals, we've even danced to my arrangements at the Renaissance Balls, donning our costumes and imagining another era. Perhaps some of you might even get hooked, as I did, on syncopated rhythms and dancing pavanes, imagining life in the royal courts of long ago...

- Nancy Hurrell


Watch a YouTube video of Nancy with her seven harps!
Nancy Hurrell video

To get the 15% discount on Nancy's PDFs, enter the code word nancy in the Promo Code box on your shopping cart page and click "Enter Code" by August 4, 2014. For more information, see the "Save 15%" section at the bottom of this newsletter.   


P.S. Please note that this sale is not valid on Sylvia Woods' new arrangements mentioned above.  It is only for the 3 Nancy Hurrell titles listed below. 

Historical Harp Collection - Volume 1 PDF 
Historical Harp Vol 1
  Nancy Hurrell performs on Renaissance harp as a solo performer and also as a member of an early music group, giving concerts throughout the US and Canada. She brings all of this knowledge together in this book of popular cantigas and Renaissance dances arranged for harp. The music is playable on historical, lever, or pedal harp. Nancy also includes useful notes on sources and performance practices. The ornamentation is written in the music, but lever or pedal changes are omitted. There are 14 solos and two 3-part ensembles. A majority of the pieces are in the key of C, with a few in 1 sharp or 1 flat. 77 pages.

Regular Price: $20.00 - Newsletter Sale: $17.00
Historical Harp Collection - Volume 2 PDF
Historical Harp Vol 2
This is the second volume of Nancy Hurrell's exquisite and historical arrangements of early music for the harp. This volume includes 20 Renaissance songs and dances from England, Scotland, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. The arrangements are for advanced beginner to intermediate players on any type of harp, and there are no fingerings. The keys range from 1 flat to 1 sharp, and a few lever changes are required. Nancy's excellent historical notes and performance suggestions make this book a great resource that can also be used for an interesting presentation of early music. Nancy has also included 2 arrangements for 3 harps. 77 pages.

 Regular Price: $20.00 - Newsletter Sale: $17.00   
A Carolan Consort
Nancy Hurrell has arranged this fine selection of tunes by Turlogh O'Carolan for harp, flute and recorder ensembles. Her full and interesting harp accompaniments support the melody instruments, making these great for performing. This unique collection is arranged in period style with the harmonies, ornaments and variations as they might
have been played in Dublin taverns and Irish country houses around 1800. The original 1796 version of

Carolan's Concerto is included in both solo harp versions as well as concerto form. The pieces are in the keys of C or 1 or 2 sharps, except for the two harp solos, which are in 3 flats. There are no fingerings. 76 pages. 


 Regular Price: $20.00 - Newsletter Sale: $17.00    
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