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June 2013

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newA Personal Note from Sylvia Woods
Hula Girl

Thanks so much to all of you who have sent me emails wishing me well on my upcoming move to Hawaii.  It has warmed my heart to hear your testimonials of how my books, my music, and my business have touched your lives over the years.  I feel very honored to have been a part of so many people's harp journeys.  And there is more to come!!!

Remember, I am NOT RETIRING. I'll still be here to help you and to offer you high-quality harp products.  I'll just be doing it from beautiful Kauai, Hawaii!

For those of you who missed my big announcement a few weeks ago, you can read all about it by clicking on the Hawaiian shirt on the home page of

Since we made the announcement, we've been selling products like crazy. As I mentioned in the last newsletter, once we run out of certain discounted items . . . that's it.  This includes all CDs, individual strings, gifts, and about half of our book inventory. We've already run out of most of the Bow Brand strings, and about 50 other products.  Don't wait!  If there's something you've been thinking of getting, now's the time to take advantage of our amazing sale!

SchoolSchool is Out, Time for Harp Study!

  School House

School is out; but that doesn't mean that your harp studies have to stop for the summer! This month we are featuring etudes, music theory, method books and other music learning tools. Supplies are limited, so act fast! 


When you use the promotional code word etudes on our website through July 1st, you will receive an additional 15% off of these items . . . many of which have already been discounted!


To get the 15% discount enter the code word etudes in the Promo Code box on your shopping cart page and click "Enter Code". For more information, see the "Save 15%" section at the bottom of this newsletter.  

Essentials of Music Theory Book and 2 CDs

Essentials of Music Theory
Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory is a complete self-study course for all musicians. It is a compilation of 3 individual books that introduce musical concepts through concise lessons followed by short exercises. It begins with the basics of music reading, and advances through chords, keys, progressions, harmonization, and more.

In this all-in-one theory course, you will learn the essentials of music through 75 concise lessons, practice your music reading and writing skills in the exercises, improve your listening skills with the enclosed ear training CDs, and test your knowledge with reviews. Answers are included in the back of the book.


Product #8344b

Regular Price $39.95
Current Sale Price $29.95
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 Essentials of Music Theory Interactive Software CD Rom 

Essentials of Music Theory CD Rom

This computer software is a fun and exciting new approach to learning the basics of music reading and music theory. It introduces musical concepts through concise lessons, short exercises, ear training activities, and reviews. The lessons use various games which are easy for children to follow, yet mature enough for adults to enjoy. Each lesson ends with a section on ear training, and a review section. With its animated examples and narration, this software adds extra fun to the process of learning music.  

1 CD Rom. Works with Windows or Macintosh.

Software can NOT be returned if the package has been opened.


Product #8343s

Regular Price $59.95
Current Sale Price $44.95
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Technical Studies for Harp books by Alfred Holy 
Alfred Holy books

These extensive books contain a total of 691 exercises which allow aspiring harp students to develop their technique gradually from the beginning to high virtuosity. Many exercises are made from difficult passages found in the literature of the harp. Most exercises are in the key of C.

Volume 1 is 60 pages, paperbound, and contains 331 exercises.

Volume 2 is 60 pages, paperbound, and contains 360 exercises.


Volume 1 #7351b
Volume 2 #7352b

Regular Price: $
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$12.71 each 

Set of 2 books
Regular Price: $37.90
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Pozzoli book  
30 progressive etudes, or Studies of Moderate Difficulty, by the Italian composer and pianist Ettore Pozzoli (1873-1957). Pedal markings and fingerings included. 70 pages.
For PEDAL harp only.   


 Product #6716b

Regular Price: $17.95
Current Sale: $13.45
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Grossi book  
This 154-page method book is thorough and easy to follow, but beware: all of the text is in Italian! It includes helpful pictures and diagrams throughout, which demonstrate hand position and playing methods. Most exercises are in the key of C, and could be played on a lever harp. This book also includes 65 easy and progressive little studies.


 Product #6718b

Regular Price: $29.95

Current Sale: $22.45
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Naderman 7 Sonates  
These 7 preludes and etudes, written by Francois Joseph Naderman were revised by Alphonse Hasselmans. The multi-movement sonatas include fingerings and pedal markings. This collection is great for students because of the progressive approach to technique, but these works are also lovely recital pieces. 51 pages.
For PEDAL harp only.


 Product #6739b

Regular Price: $13.95

Current Sale: $10.46
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Deluxe Flash Cards  



These 120 flash cards will help you learn and review basic musical symbols, all the notes from 2 octaves below middle C through 2 octaves above, and rhythm patterns in 4/4 and 3/4 time.


Each card is 3" x 6" and shows both staves on the same card.




 Product #8108f

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Playing the Harp
This collection of ideas, information, and exercises by acclaimed American harp soloist and recording artist Yolanda Kondonassis is designed to be useful to harpists of all levels. Although this book was written for pedal harp, almost all of it is applicable to, and playable on, lever harp. There are 5 pages of pedal exercises, but the remaining exercises are in the key of C and can be played on a lever harp.

 Product #6766b

Regular Price: $26.95
Current Sale: 20.21
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 Teacher's Guide to Music, Media and Copyright Law book

Copyright Book


Although this book was specifically written for classroom teachers, it includes a wealth of useful information for private music teachers and musicians of all kinds.

This comprehensive book helps explain in plain English just how information, images, video, and music can be legally incorporated into any kind of lesson plan.  


Product #7645b

Regular Price: $24.95
Current Sale: $18.45
Newsletter Sale Price: $15.68
 GrainneGráinne Yeats (1925 - 2013) - In Memorium  


I was saddened to hear that Gráinne Yeats passed away a few months ago.  She was a wonderful woman, and a pioneer in the Irish harp world.  I was honored and privileged to have known Gráinne since 1980, and we have sold several of her products over the years.      


The following article from "The Folk Harp Journal," Summer 2013 Issue #159 is being reprinted here by permission.  (If you don't already receive this fine magazine, we highly recommend that you join the International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen at 


Gráinne Yeats, singer, harpist, and music Grainne Yeatshistorian, died on 18 April, 2013. Born in Dublin on 14 April, 1925, Gráinne performed on both wire-strung and gut-strung harp, and was recognized for her beautiful, pure voice. She knew hundreds of songs in Irish, and routinely included songs in her performances. She was raised bi-lingual Irish and English, growing up as Gráinne Ni Eigeartaigh. She learned to play the piano as a young girl, and after graduating with a degree in history from Trinity College Dublin she pursued further studies in music with voice, harp and piano at the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin. Her music took her to concert stages in Europe, America, Russia, India and Japan.


Gráinne did extensive research in harp history. She contributed biographies on both Turlough O'Carolan and Denis Hempson to the Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians and published numerous articles, in particular for the periodical Ceol. In 1992 she published a book, The Harp of Ireland, about the 1792 Belfast Harp Festival, honoring the 200-year anniversary of the festival. Together with Mercedes Bolger, one of her first harp teachers, she created the Sounding Harps series of publications for Cairde Na Cruite, an organization established in 1960 for the purpose of reviving and encouraging interest in the Irish harp, of which she was a founder.


Among her recordings is Féile na gCruitiri Béal Feirste 1792 -- The Belfast Harpers' Festival 1792 (1980) on which she plays both gut-strung harp and wire-strung harp. One of which was a copy of the Trinity College Harp built in 1973 by Maldwyn Thomas of Wales, and another, a copy of the Sirr Harp, by Jay Witcher of America built in 1975. Indeed, she is often credited with the revival of the traditional wire-strung harp, and this recording as well as A Rogha Fein (1983) are early proof of her standing as both a player and singer of traditional Irish music.


She will be missed by many, while her legacy will continue to inspire and delight. She is survived by her son Padraig, her daughters Siobhan and Caitriona (who is currently harpist with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra). Her husband Michael Yeats and their daughter Síle predeceased her.


We have single copies of three of Gráinne's products on sale. Since we only have 1 copy of each, if you click on any of these links and they take you to our website's home page, or it says that the items are out of stock . . . then the item has already been sold.   


7644LP - The Belfast Harper's Festival 1792 - 2 LP and book set

s-7644 - The Harp of Ireland book - autographed to Sylvia from Gráinne 

2649c - A Rogha Fein Cassette Tape   

Article2One of My Favorite Harp Programs Needs Our Help 
Harp Kids


One of the harp programs that is closest to my heart is the Harp in Our Public Schools Project that provides free harp lessons to elementary, middle school, and high school students who study in under-served public schools in South Los Angeles. It was created in 2006 by Lou Anne Neill, harpist in the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and Lecturer of Harp at UCLA.  Lou Anne was also our first in-store teacher when we opened the Harp Center Store in 1992. 

We featured this wonderful program in our April 2011 newsletter, when a group of their elementary school students made a video to send to the children of Japan after the devastating tsunami. 

Unfortunately, they lost their funding last year, so the program is now being run by all volunteers.  They are asking for our help through to be able to continue. I'm proud to say that I've made a donation to this wonderful program last night.  If you'd like to contribute, the deadline is just a few days away: Sunday, June 23rd.  Go to the following link at or, once you get to Kickstarter, search for the word harp.
winnerReview-It Winner


Tempo Tape This month's Review-It winner is Mary Bennett from Buckinghamshire, England for her review of our Tempo Tape. And the Tempo Tape is currently on sale on our website  at 30% off!

"We had a rehearsal in our house last night.  ALL my friends were so excited about my Tempo Tape, that I ordered some for each of them. I no longer lost my lines of music, particularly doing the accompaniments. And although there were often pages and pages of sheet music to read, there were only those hi-lighted areas for the harp part. It made it all look a lot more comforting. I now feel safe and secure for my next ensemble. My neighbour Janet has a serious needle work hobby, she absolutely fell in love with the tapes, too."

Here's what Mary told us about herself. Mary with her harp

"My mother let me choose between a harp or a horse in 1999. I had then spent about 15 years in horse riding, and was horse mad. My first harp was a Salvi 46 Daphne which I kept for two and a half years. After passing all my exams with distinction, my mother let me have a Lyon & Healy 47 Grand Concert which I used to win one of the biggest European harp competitions in 2004. I didn't know it was a competition until I got there. My teacher just asked if I would like to share my harp playing with others. I later also acquired a Pilgrim 34 Clarsach and a Salvi 36 Livia for teaching purposes. Those small harps are very convenient for playing in retirement homes, or venues with restricted space.  

I never set out to make money with my harps. Nevertheless, after playing for mother's friends in some nursing homes, the matrons there invited me to play with payment. I sometimes played for my colleagues' get-togethers in hotels. I got inquiries from the patrons, and indirectly and unexpectedly I acquired some students through those contacts. The first wedding I did was for our church music director and organist. There were many great musicians amongst her guests. Unbeknownst to me then, an organ professor thought I was a professional harpist. It was such a confidence boost. Since then I have done numerous weddings, christenings, and concerts. I got paid for all those performances. I had said to my mother that I would donate the money to charities. I only pocket the income from teaching. I think my 2 small harps had earned their worth!!

The most rewarding experience was seeing people responding well to live harp music. There was this old gentlemen slumped lopsided in his chair among the retirement home residents one Christmastide. The simple old carol melodies brought out his memories. He lifted his head and sang along with the tune (O.K. out of tune!) and his eyes sparkled. Later the staff told me that he had not spoken a word since he had arrived 4 months before. That was the first time they heard his voice, and he sang! I always remembered Susann MacDonald's advice: take every performance seriously, should it be in a nursing home or in the Royal Albert Hall. I dressed up for them, even just for a short small afternoon tea party. Most of all I respect everyone no matter who and where they are.

I was a midwife and have been a neonatal nursing sister for many years. My mother has just turned 90. I have been playing my harp at churches and healing services for many years. For my own amusement, I played the old Sunday school hymn "Jesus Loves Me." After the service there were 4 people who came to me and said that the tune brought tears to their eyes (in a positive way). I am glad that my harp playing is very therapeutic to many as well as to myself and my mother and our cat. Friends commented that hearing me playing the harp has contributed to her long life. Wishing all the harpists to enjoy your music and enjoy life.
" - Mary
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