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May 2013

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articleSylvia's Big News    Sylvia's Big News
I have big news this month.
I am moving to Hawaii!
Yes, sometime near the end of this summer I'll be packing my bags and moving permanently to my condo in Princeville, on the north shore of the Hawaiian island of Kauai. I'm extremely excited about this new chapter in my life!


I've decided that I'd like to start taking things a bit easier, and have time to stop and smell the plumeria. For the past 30 years I've been working pretty much 24/7, and I'm ready to slow down the pace a tiny bit. I'm also looking forward to having more time to work on composing and arranging music.


No, I'm not retiring; I'm just changing my focus by restructuring my life and my business.


Here are some of the highlights of what will be happening once I make my move. You'll find more detailed information in the articles below.


When I move to Hawaii I'll be . . .

  • personally processing all of the orders
  • available to my customers by phone, email, on-line chat, and through 
  • arranging more harp music for you
  • teaching harp lessons through Skype to students all over the world
  • selling and renting harps in a showroom in my Hawaiian condo
  • walking on the beach and smelling the flowers

What I'll still be selling through my website:

The biggest change is that I will no longer be selling as many products as I have been. Take advantage of our huge sales on the items listed below that we will not be re-stocking.

Although we will continue to sell complete string sets for Dusty Strings and Harpsicle harps, we will not be restocking our supply of individual strings for any harps. So now is the time to check your string inventory and buy what you need while we still have a complete selection.  


I've added a new page on our website entitled Sylvia's Big News. I'll be posting periodic updates there as we get closer to the date of the move. Also, I'll be updating you each month in these e-Newsletters.


I would like to thank you all for your business, your friendship, and your encouragement for these past 35 years. I hope we can continue our wonderful relationship as I move toward this next phase of my life and my business. Rest assured that I'll still be available by phone, e-mail, on-line chat, and through my website. I am still committed to bringing you high-quality harps, harp music, and other products for many years to come.


As they say in Hawaii . . . Aloha and Mahalo (thank you),



productSales, Sales, and More Sales   


Sales As you may have noticed on our website, a vast majority of our products are on sale at 25% to over 50% off. Once we run out of one of these sale items, we will not be restocking it. So if there's something you've always wanted to buy . . . NOW is the time, while we still have them available.   Once they're gone . . . they're gone.


Take advantage of these fantastic sales while we still have products in stock!

MoreMore Information about Sylvia's Big News   


For those of you who would like more information on how things will change as I make my move to Hawaii, here's more detail for you.


 I'll continue to sell harps by Dusty Strings and the Harpsicle Harp Company. You'll still be able to purchase these harps through my website and with me personally over the phone and by e-mail. Or, better yet, come visit my harp showroom in Hawaii!


You can look forward to more Sylvia Woods harp arrangements in the future. This move should allow me more time to create the harp books and arrangements that you've been begging for.


My website will be a bit different. Since it is quite expensive to ship products to and from Hawaii, most of the web orders will be shipped from other places. The bulk of the orders will be shipped from Hal Leonard Corporation, the world's largest music print publisher. They have been distributing my books for over 25 years and I'm extremely pleased to announce that they will soon be fulfilling the orders. I visited their huge state-of-the-art warehouses in Minnesota a few weeks ago and was astounded at their innovation and efficiency. They have an over 99.9% accuracy rate, so I know that your orders will be filled accurately and shipped safely.


Some products, such as chairs, music stands and lights, will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturers for quick delivery.  And a few will actually be personally shipped to you from me in Hawaii!


The biggest change is that I will not be selling nearly as many products as I have in the past.


Here's a breakdown of what's happening in each product category.


BOOKS: I will continue to sell all of the music books that I have written, and other select harp music books. (Plus, hopefully, I'll have time to write even MORE books for you!) However, most of the books that we currently sell will no longer be available through our website.


PDF BOOK DOWNLOADS: We're adding more PDF downloads every month, and have lots more planned for the future. I'm happy to be on the leading edge of this fun, efficient way to sell harp music. You get your music immediately and there's no shipping cost. PDF downloads are becoming more and more popular, particularly with our international customers. We'll continue to sell these PDFs . . . with many more to come!


ACCESSORIES: I'll be offering many of the accessories that are essential for every harpist such as music stands, electronic tuners, harp carts and more. However, our selection will not be as extensive as it is currently.


STRINGS: I will continue to sell complete sets of strings for Dusty Strings Harps and Harpsicle harps. I will no longer carry individual strings, or strings for any other harps.


CDs: Most of our CDs are on sale, and we will not be getting more in the future. You'll find great bargains while supplies last.


JEWELRY, and OTHER GIFT ITEMS: I've always been extremely proud of our selection of gift items. Over the years I have spent countless hours searching for these unique products, and have attended numerous gift shows in various parts of the country. Many of these unique products have not been available through any other harp website. I'm sad to say that once our current stock is gone, we will no longer be selling gift items. So stock up now, at our low sale prices, before they are all gone!


As always, I am committed to continuing to take care of you, my wonderful customers. So, if I can't help you, I promise to try to refer you to someone who can.

winnerReview-It Winner


This month's Review-It Winner is Allison Hampton from Washington D.C., for her review of Cantiga's Renaissance Festival Favorites Fake Book and CD.

Cantiga book Here's her review:
"This is a really great book for any harpist wanting to get into some Medieval or Renaissance music, a very good selection of pieces from those times, and some Celtic favorites as well. The format is melodies, with suggestions for chords, and ideas for improvisation, rather then as set arrangements, which is refreshing. I am very pleased to have it as a resource."

Allison Hampton Here's what Allison told us about herself.
"I have been performing as a duo with my husband Linn Barnes for over thirty years, traveling around this country and Europe and producing numerous recordings. Since I began my career playing the Renaissance lute before adding the Celtic harp to our group, I still love the music of that time, and find my harp students do as well. My current favorite harp is 32 strings made by Rick Kemper, Sligo Harps in Maryland, it has amazing clarity for the fast Celtic dance music I like to play, as well as the depth for the early music pieces." - Allison

Cantiga's Renaissance Festival Favorites Fake Book and CD is on sale through our website at 25% off, while supplies last.  No coupon code is needed.
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