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February 2013

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newA Personal Note from Sylvia Woods

During the first week of school when I was a kid, we always had to write a report called "What I Did on My Vacation."  Well, I just got home from a 2-week "vacation" in Kauai, Hawaii, so here's my report.

What I Did on My Vacation - by Sylvia Woods
Kauai Rainbow

I had a wonderful 2 weeks in Kauai.  I walked on the beach, took naps, admired waterfalls and rainbows (see photo), met with my book club, and spent time with many friends.  I also worked on my website, putting over 100 products on sale and adding about 20 new PDF downloads. (See, even in Hawaii I'm thinking of you, my wonderful customers!)

So be sure to check out to see what I've been up to. See the article below for more information on the sale products, and check out our New PDF Music Downloads page to see what's new!

personal25-50% Off Sale   25% to 50% Off Sale


I've just added 3 new categories to our website for products on sale at 25% off, 40% off, and even 50% off.  No promo code is needed, so you can place your order on the website or over the phone and you'll automatically receive the sale pricing.  We have over 150 products on sale including discontinued items, overstock clearance, CDs and Christmas books.  So stock up now while these items are still available!  


Also, if you have any of the following harps, be sure to see our string sale section for 50% savings on select discontinued wound-strings:

Caswell Gaelic 30-string harp and Lap Gaelic 27-string harp 

Markwood Queen's Court harp and Kings Court 5 harp 

Wm. Rees Glen Aulin harp and Aberdeen Meadows harp  

Thormahlen nylon-strung harps 


We also have a few gold-colored 6th octave F and 7th octave C strings for pedal harps at 50% off. (Note: these strings are gold; they are not black or red.) 

sale"2 Reasons to Buy Now" Internet Sale
Save 25% on select music by Sylvia Woods with our promo codeSylvia Woods Books


There are two excellent reasons why you should definitely take advantage of this month's promo code sale.   

#1. Our normal newsletter sales are 15% off . . . but this month is a whopping 25% off. 

#2. Due to the rising costs of paper and printing, these books and sheets will all be going up in price on April 1, 2013!    


So, if you've been thinking about getting any of this music; now is the time! 


The only items that are included in this sale are the 12 printed books and sheets listed in the boxes below.  (PDF downloads are not included.) 


The following products are on sale at through March 11, 2013.  To get the 25% discount enter the code word timely in the Promo Code box on your shopping cart page and click "Enter Code". For more information, see the "Save 25%" section at the bottom of this newsletter.
  Lennon and McCartney book 

46 of the most popular songs by John Lennon and Paul McCartney have been arranged for the harp by Sylvia Woods. All of these Beatles songs can be played on both lever harp and pedal harp. A few songs have separate pedal harp arrangements. For intermediate to advanced harp players. Some of the pieces are quite easy, and others have extensive sharping lever or pedal changes. Lyrics and chord symbols are included. 144 pages, spiral-bound.


Product #5875b

Regular Price: $26.95
Newsletter Sale Price:
   John Denver

John Denver
 Sylvia Woods has arranged 12 of John Denver's beautiful love songs for advanced beginner and intermediate harp players. His music sounds wonderful on the harp, and is fun to play. There is only one sharping lever change in the entire book. Even if you don't think you're a John Denver fan, we're sure you'll love these lyrical arrangements. Songs are in the key of C or 1 or 2 sharps. Lyrics and chord symbols are included. 48 pages, spiral-bound.


Product #5812b

Regular Price: $22.95
Newsletter Sale Price:
Andrew Lloyd Webber book 
Andrew Lloyd Webber book

In this book, Sylvia Woods has arranged 11 songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber from many of his most famous pop operas. Five of the songs are from Phantom of the Opera, as well as hits from Cats, Starlight Express, Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, Requiem and Tell Me On A Sunday. For intermediate to advanced players. Many songs have sharping lever changes within the pieces. They are in the keys of C or G, with fingerings. 36 pages, spiral-bound..


Product #5567b

Regular Price: $ 
Newsletter Sale Price:

This delightful book of the music from The Wizard of Oz movie is designed for advanced beginners and intermediate harp players, and can be played on either a lever or a pedal harp. Some of the pieces have accidentals, and sharping lever and pedal changes are indicated. The lyrics are printed in the music, so you can sing along as you play! Fingerings are also included. Some of the pieces have separate arrangements for pedal and lever harps, and a few have both easy and advanced versions. 48 pages, spiral-bound.
Product #5802b

Regular Price: $
     Newsletter Sale Price: $13.46

This fun book by Sylvia Woods spans 60 years of beloved Disney songs from movies, TV shows, and theme parks. The songs are fingered, can be played on either pedal or lever harp, and have both lever and pedal changes marked in the music. Some of the songs are very easy to play, while others are more difficult. You're sure to find a great number of songs at your playing level. The lyrics are written between the staves of each song, so you can merrily sing along. 172 pages with Disney illustrations, spiral bound.


 Product #5876b

Regular Price: $28.95

Newsletter Sale Price:
The theme from Walt Disney's animated movie Beauty and the Beast has become one of the most popular songs of the 90's. Sylvia Woods has created several arrangements of this beautiful piece in one book: a simple harp solo; advanced harp solo; harp duet; and harp with flute or voice. To accommodate harps as well as vocalists with various ranges, this book includes each of the arrangements in the key of C and also the key of G. The advanced arrangements have two lever or pedal changes. Fingerings and lyrics are included. 32 pages.


 Product #5877b

Regular Price: $9.95

Newsletter Sale Price:


Sylvia Woods has created harp arrangements of My Heart Will Go On,  the popular love theme from the movie "Titanic." An easy arrangement and an intermediate arrangement are BOTH included in the same piece of sheet music. They are in the key of G (1 sharp) with no lever or pedal changes. The lyrics are written between the staves, so you can sing along while you play. Chord symbols are included in the intermediate version. This song is stil "hot," and is a "required song" if you play weddings! 6 pages..


 Product #5568b

Regular Price: $6.95

Newsletter Sale Price:
Mary Did You Know  
This sheet music includes two complete arrangements of the popular contemporary Christian Christmas song, Mary, Did You Know? Both 3-page versions are essentially the same, except that the advanced beginner version has only 1 lever (or pedal) change, while the intermediate one has more extensive changes. Both are in the key of G, with D# accidental(s). Feel free to "mix and match" the versions to meet your own abilities. The two versions can also be played together as a duet. Fingerings, chord symbols, and lyrics are included in the music.


 Product #5224b

Regular Price: $6.95

Newsletter Sale Price:
 Disney-Pixar's UP sheet music

Up Sheet Music


 This sheet music contains two arrangements of the love theme from Disney-Pixar's animated movie "UP." Both versions are basically the same, except for the range of strings used.
This music is for advanced beginners and more advanced players, and can be played on lever harp or pedal harp. It is in the key of G (1 sharp) with some C# lever or pedal changes throughout the piece.  

Chord symbols and fingerings are included. 8 pages of music (4 pages for each version).  


Product #5999b

Regular Price: $6.95
Newsletter Sale Price: $5.21
 Disney-Pixar's Brave booklet


The Disney-Pixar animated movie Brave was filled with wonderful Scottish-flavored music that sounds great on the harp. Sylvia has arranged 6 of the pieces for harp. Some are playable by beginners, and others are a bit more challenging. The pieces are in the keys of 1 or 2 sharps, and 2 pieces have easy lever changes. Fingerings and chord symbols are included. The lyrics for Noble Maiden Fair are printed in Gaelic, as well as a phonetic version. Three pieces have English lyrics. 26 pages of music.


Product #5998b

Regular Price: $14.85
Newsletter Sale Price: $11.14
 Four Holiday Favorites book

4 Holiday Favorites


Frosty the Snow Man

Silver Bells  


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer  


Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!  


This festive book of 4 fun songs for the holidays includes 2 Sylvia Woods' arrangements of each piece: an easy version, and one that is more difficult. Most of the lever changes are in the harder versions. In the key of C or 1 sharp, with fingerings. Lyrics included. 20 pages.    

Product #5229b

Regular Price: $12.95
Newsletter Sale Price: $9.71
 Groovy Songs of the 60s book


 Feelin' groovy? Sylvia Woods' spiffy collection of 40 songs from the 1960s will inspire you to put on your embroidered bell-bottoms and wear some flowers in your hair. Some of the pieces can be played by beginning harp players, but most are at advanced beginner to intermediate levels. Fingerings, lyrics and chord symbols are included. Pieces are in C or sharp keys, and can be played on either lever or pedal harp. About half of the songs do not have any lever changes within the pieces. 96 pages, spiral-bound.   

Product #5960b

Regular Price: $28.95
Newsletter Sale Price: $21.71
Article2How to Make a Harp Cover 


Last month, we told you about Janet Lanier's wonderful video tutorials on how to use the iPad app called forScore to download, read and annotate music on the iPad. Well, she's at it again!   She's now created a video on how to make a harp dust-cover for your harp!


harp dust cover video Here's Janet's explanation of the video.

This is a video tutorial on making your own harp cover for a lever harp. Save yourself money and get a one-of-a-kind harp cover.  Information on fabrics to consider, fabric layout, cutting choices, and sewing instructions are included.
If you have basic sewing skills and a sewing machine, you can create a beautiful harp cover for yourself. This was the second harp cover I have made for my 29 string harp.  The first one is still in great shape after 6 years but I made this second one to have a different look and to create this tutorial.  I hope you will find it helpful or inspiring.


You can find this video on Janet's website, or at the bottom of our  Watch Our Videos section at  



I just got news from Janet that she's added another video to her forScore tutorials!  Here's her news:

I've added another forScore Tutorial: Part 5 - Creating and Importing Stamps. In addition to showing how to create stamps or import them, I give information on where to find free collections of music symbols. I've also created some harp-specific symbols and have those available for free here:  Free Additional Stamps for the forScore App


Thanks again, Janet. Your videos are truly awesome! 

winnerProofreading Contest Winners


In our November newsletter, we announced a proofreading contest for people to find typos and other mistakes in our new e-Catalog. Two people sent in the same mistake on the same day . . . so they are each winning a $50 Sylvia Woods Harp Center e-Gift Certificate!  The typo that they found was the spelling of Taylor Swift's name as "Tailor."  Oops!

Our two winners are both from California: Dana is from Bakersfield, Adrienne is from Palmdale. 

Here's what Dana told us about herself.  Dana Peck

"I am a harpist in Bakersfield California. I have been playing for three and a half years. I play on my Dusty Strings FH36S (which I bought from Sylvia Woods) and my Salvi Aurora pedal harp. I was first attracted to the beauty of the harp when I saw one for sale in a catalog. The more I looked at it, the more I loved it and wanted to play.  My parents and I began looking for teacher in our area and ended up being referred to my teacher by a harpist performing in a bookstore. I currently enjoy playing in my church orchestra and community events. I also enjoy being challenged at the Fine Arts Summer Academy by Annie Moses Ministries." - Dana


Here's what Adrienne told us about herself.
"Years ago I asked a harpist how she came to play the harp.  She replied that her father had decided that if he ever had a little girl, she would play the harp!  I decided that you had to be literally born to play the harp, and that much as I would like to play, it wasn't my destiny.  So I would be content to play guitar and Renaissance instruments including the recorder and krumhorns.

AdrienneAbout five years ago, I was in a music store shopping for saxophone music for my husband Dan, and there in the corner was a harp calling my name.  I went home and obsessed about it for a couple of days, then went back to the store and bought it.  It's a Mid-East "Meghan" (yeah, I know) and his name is Bob - Dan named him.  I started with a teacher, but after about a year she moved and we lost touch.  I've been on my own ever since, but someday I hope to get with another teacher, and upgrade Bob the Harp - I've been dreaming about a Dusty Strings FH36.
I enjoy playing in church several times a year, and I also play each year at my ham radio club Christmas party.  My biggest fans are Dan the Harp Shlepper and my dog.  If you look closely at the picture, you'll see Odie peeking around the side of the harp. It's good to be a harpist!" - Adrienne
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That's all there is to it! Each newsletter will announce our most recent "REVIEW-IT" winner. You can review as many products as you'd like. Each review you submit will give you another chance to win.  Go to and start reviewing!

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