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January 2013

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SylviaA Personal Note from Sylvia Woods  
This month's issue is all about PDF music downloads. You'll learn about:

* 15% off all PDF downloads with the promo code bunny
* a great app for reading music on your iPad
* our 2 Review-It winners who show us how to use the app
* iPad Music (L)a downloadable novel about a young N.Y. harpist.
* our new iPad stands

If you have never bought music as a PDF download, now's the perfect time to give it a try.  It is quick and easy, and there's no shipping charge.  You get the music immediately after you place your order, and then print it out on your computer printer.  And, as you'll learn in this newsletter, you can also read the music on your iPad!

Don't forget that you can also download a free copy of our e-Catalog to read on your iPad or other e-Reader.  Check out next month's newsletter for the winner of our e-Catalog proofreading contest.

articleReading Harp Music on Your iPad  
This issue began with Donna Germano's review for the PDF version of my 50 Christmas Carols book:

"I just downloaded my favorite Christmas gig book in PDF format for my new iPad. I have long since worn out the hard copy of the book, 50 Christmas Carols. I often use the songs as a lead sheet and can fill the time easily. I was amazed how beautifully it came through on my iPad. I have already cropped some pages right on the iPad to give me the largest view possible of that particular page. Because the screen of the iPad is not as large as a standard music book it isn't ideal for all arrangements. But for Sylvia's Christmas book it works great! I know I'll be bringing the hard copy as well but maybe some day I'll have confidence to leave it in the car!"

I immediately contacted Donna and asked if she would write an article about how she did this, and tell us about some of her experiences.  You can read her useful and helpful comments on our website.

Donna also found some wonderful video tutorials created by harpist Janet Lanier on hoforScore tutorialw to use the iPad app called forScore to download, read and annotate music on the iPad.  I am proud to announce that Janet has kindly allowed me to post these videos on our website.  These well-made and informative videos are a great way to learn how versatile reading music on your iPad can be.  Check them out on our Reading Music on Your iPad page in the "Fun Stuff" section of our website.
saleDownload SalePDF icon
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This month, all of our PDF downloads are on sale at 15% off through February 4 when you use our promo code: bunny.   

Why bunny?  Because, when you order our downloads, you'll get them "quick as a bunny!"  


To get the 15% discount put the PDFs in your cart, enter the code word bunny in the Promo Code box on your shopping cart page and click "Enter Code" by February 4. For more information, see the "Save 15%" section at the bottom of this newsletter.
productFolding Stand for iPads


iPad StandOur new folding iPad stand will be the perfect solution for getting your iPad into the best viewing position for reading music.  Made by Peak, the company that makes our favorite music stand, this iPad stand folds down into it own handy carrying bag.    


Since the stand is much narrower than a standard music stand, you can place it as close to you and your harp as you'd like. It features 360 rotation, and the viewing angle is also adjustable. Rubber holders grip and protect your iPad.

The stand is black and weighs 3.25 pounds. The tripod is made with high-strength tubular steel, and the height of the stand can be easily adjusted from 26" to 48".   


We have two versions of this stand: one is for the iPad 1, and the other is for the iPad 2 and newer iPads.  Sorry, but we do not know if this stand will work with other brands, as it is formatted for a particular size of device.   


See more photos on our website: #8243 - Folding iPad Stand $49.95 

article2"Harp Lessons" 

      Harp Lessons Book 

I recently downloaded and read Harp Lessons, a "young adult romance" about a harp player.  About half-way through the book, I read this:


     "You play beautifully," she said with a slight French
accent. "I would love to hear more."
     Sarah obliged and began "Southwind." She loved this
song, and her fingers danced of their own accord across the strings - gliding over glissandos and hopping from chord to chord.  


"Wow,"  I thought. "I wonder if that was the arrangement of "Southwind" with the glisses from my Teach Yourself book?"  So I sent an email to Shea, and here's her response:


Thanks for reading my book! Yes, it was your version of Southwind. I learned to play from your books and Southwind has always been my favorite. I'm glad you enjoyed my story. My next one is an Irish historical fiction fantasy. Turlough O'Carolan is one of the characters.


You can download Harp Lessons for only $2.99 from the Astrea Press website. Here's a description of the book. 


As a freshman at New York University, looking for love is the last thing on Sarah McKenna's mind. She is too preoccupied with being homesick for her North Carolina home and finding a peaceful place to play her harp amid the noise of the city. And yet, she also dreams of Ireland and is always thinking about Grandma Maggie's stories from that idyllic country. So who better to grab her attention than a handsome, young Irishman, especially one who shares her passion for Irish music? But Cal O'Keefe has dark secrets. Can Sarah learn to see past the superficial and cope with the secrets to be with the one she loves? 


I can't wait to read Shea's next book! 

winnerReview-It winners


This month we have 2 Review-It winners . . . and both are winners for unique reasons.

Donna Germano is our first ever two-time winner.  She won in July 2010 for her review of Verlene Schermer's Cool Chords and Groovy Rhythms book.  We're featuring her this month because she reviewed the download PDF of my 50 Christmas Carols book and wrote the great article that we printed above on how she reads her harp music downloads on her iPad.

Here's what Donna told us about herself. Donna Germano

"I am an Asheville, North Carolina harpist and hammered dulcimer performer. I perform solo or with small ensembles for weddings, corporate events and concerts in my area. I play a Thormahlen Swan lever harp, Lyon & Healy pedal harps and a Lyon & Healy Silhouette electric harp. While I started playing the harp too late in life to develop the skills of a symphony harpist, I appreciate my opportunity to make a living playing music with both of my instruments. I have found my own niche in my community and am working on adapting as time goes by . . . and with the ups and downs in the economy! That includes teaching, recording music for other people's projects, playing in a mall Food Court or whatever comes my way!" - Donna


Our second winner is Janet Lanier.  She didn't win for writing a review of our products . . . but for my review of her informative and helpful videos on how to download and read music on your iPad!

Janet Lanier Here's what Janet told us about herself.
"I live in Carbondale, Colorado with my husband David who is a web programmer and I started the harp about 7 years ago. I was a professional oboist with a Masters Degree in oboe performance and had played oboe and English horn in the Amarillo Symphony (Texas) for over 30 years. I've always loved the harp and I wanted to start a new instrument that would allow me to play with more independence than the oboe allowed. I was also a composer/arranger so I wanted to understand the harp better in order to write for it. It was the best decision I ever made. I bought a 29-string Lorraine lever harp from Stoney End and I can still picture the day I received it. I spent hours with the instrument and enjoyed every minute of it. I learned that harpists often name their harps (unlike oboists) so I gave my harp the name Guinnevere. The first instruction book I bought was Sylvia's Teach Yourself to Play the Folk Harp and I took one lesson from the Amarillo Symphony's principal harpist. When I moved to Colorado three years ago, I started playing a harp program each month for three different units of a local nursing home which included an assisted living, a nursing unit, and an Alzheimer's unit. They also have me play for their memorial services. It has really kept me busy coming up with new and varied repertoire each month but it's possibly the reason my playing steadily improves. The variety of techniques on the harp and the challenge of figuring out lever changes has made composing and arranging for the lever harp like a fun puzzle. I also love to combine my music interests with my love for photography, nature, and computer so the harp videos bring all those together. Making the tutorials are also very rewarding for me because I know how helpful it is to learn visually and it's great to hear from other musicians that the tutorials help them." - Janet

All of our PDF downloads are on sale at through February 4, 2013.  To get the 15% discount enter the code word bunny in the Promo Code box on your shopping cart page and click "Enter Code". For more information, see the "Save 15%" section at the bottom of this newsletter.
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